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Real Unbelievably Indigo

After having electronics fail, and blow up, and a "Real unbelievable" sister told me to look this up. All of the sudden a miraculous light has shown up at the end of a dark tunnel. I never truly thought I was alone because I live in Faith of the Lord and the Divine. It all came together and I can use my gifts as they were rightfully given to me :) although I am still freshly learning that there is an explanation.

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Jul 26, 2013
Being different
by: Anja

Yes it's beyond amazing when you can finally find the missing pieces and put it all together, after many years of not fitting anywhere. It gives you the biggest relief ever and a realization of bliss. I'm glad you found it, because i know how painful and frustraiting it is, not to feel welcomed and accepted by society you live in, just because you're different on a grand scale. Which is totally understandable, since we ( Indigos, Starseeds...) are obviously not from around here. And we came here on Earth for greater purposes. One of them is to help and activate the Awakening process of as much as people possible. At least that's how i feel.
Have a great life. Blessings***

Nov 27, 2011
those whom don't understand
by: Anonymous

To all of us that are finding our own special ways to walk with the Divine, more power to us, I wish no harm to anyone no matter which path they choose in life. To those who condemn people in the name of the Lord. I pray for the safety of all our brothers and sisters. I just read about a young lady that can't even walk down the street. Prayers to everyone, may we all walk in Love and Light.

Nov 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I did not know this until i accidentally found this website it has helped me a lot in dealing with the Christians in my hometown who harass me and call me a witch and other nasty things. I was a victim but finding this website made me stronger. Thus the light at the end of and unbearably dark tunnel. I actually have people harass me on the street at my work place. I am going to have to move from this town that has condemned me. I feel sorry because these Christians are not a great view of their faith. I can say that because I used to be Christian. It saddens me to no end how judgmental the Teenage Christians are here In Elizabethton TN, pray for them please, because they are not choosing the proper guidance. I constantly fear for my safety in this town. Good thing I am almost into college. This website helped me forgive them and move onto to my true path. I hope that it will help you in everyway it has to offer.

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