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Recent Re-Discoveries

by Roberts
(Riga, Latvia)

My name is Robert and here are some of my recent discoveries, that have lead me to think I'm an indigo child/adult. Besides the famous 25/26 indigo characteristics (I have all 100% of them), there has been some serious problem with electricity and how I interact with it. It started happening, when I started to get in touch with my inner self and the spiritual aspects of life. From everything I've gathered, my understanding is that I probably am an Indigo.

Some of these discoveries of mine:

1.I am used to sleeping with my laptop near me. I watch stand up comedy usually, before I go to sleep. When I'm going to sleep I close the laptop without stopping the video. When I get up in the morning, the moment when I come back from dreaming, I'm conscious again, my CLOSED laptop turns on for a second and I hear the video track I've been watching before falling asleep. It doesn't happen under any other circumstances. Only when I get up.

2.Light bulbs in my apartment and lanterns on the street are flickering frequently, but it has started happening only now, when I'm aware of all this. Before it was just sometimes and I never payed it much thought!

3.Frequent Deja Vu. Almost every day.

I hope my input has the potential of helping someone. But, the reason I am here is to get in touch with some more capable Indigo's, that may give me some feedback and help out with a little guidance.

Thank you.



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Dec 21, 2012
by: Starr

Once you can say that life is not for you to control and a higher being has set a road before you and you must follow. You will find signs all around you. You will become more aware of life and other then the physical since. I learned years ago as a child and have evolved into who I am today. I am aware of everything living and spiritual beings. I read people and don't really need to be in the room or near them to read them. My guides tell me things I often wish they hadn't. Missing persons are the worse of them. I'd give you a story of one but that is not why I'm here. If you release the idea of control in your life as I said you will see more signs.

I pray each night for the world all living and all dead. It centers me at night and the visitors talk to me.

Perhaps try this and see if it helps.

I hope I was of some help

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