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Recently Discovered Indigo

by Kevin Warren
(Florence OR)

I'm an 18 year old male and I have always been a gifted child. I was put in gifted and talented classes in elementary school and throughout middle school.

Recently I had some telepathic experiences with a group of people from a neighboring city and I realized I was different than the kids at my school. I am currently a senior high school student and I recently have been noticing many things that are wrong in the world today. I advocate change to whoever wants to hear and feel it is my duty to shed as much light upon the darkness of the world of today that I can.

I knew I was slightly different from the kids in my school because I am always doing something productive not mischievous. I feel many of the subjects kids talk about in my school are immature and lack meaning. I just want people to realize they should be living for the benefit of all humanity not just themselves.

I have always been able to tell other indigos apart from non-indigos, although I just found out indigos exist. I can get along well with other kids when I want but I don't have a set group of friends and never have. People can think what they want about me but opinions are just that: opinions.

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