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Recently was told I am a crystal child born 1964

by Ria Adams
(Plattsburgh NY USA)

After moving into a house that turned out to be haunted I had a brother and sister physic team come out to help me and my friends rid the house of this entity. During this process they both held my hands and told me what I was. After reading about it I was happy to learn that the traits I have always thought were outside the norm were normal for me. I am always there for a cause, always trying to find a better way always questioning what I find to be obvious craziness that others find acceptable. Now I am also noticing that electronic devices do not work well around me. Light bulbs burn out, cell phones die, tv's and cable refuse to stop acting up. I do not know how to explain this to people and at times am very upset by it myself. I would love to hear from others who have electrical problems such as mine. I know there is a good reason for it but, sometimes I feel very isolated and alone when it happens.

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Feb 10, 2016
Recently was told I am a crystal child born 1964 - response
by: Karensa

Hi Ria

I hope you are well

I have the same problem with electrical devices. Check out what your blood group is. If you are RH negative this could be the link.

Best Regards

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