Respectful Indigo Scouts

by E. S. Hart

I don't know if I like the title of the site, but I am so very glad that you opened a sharing place for the Star 'children'. I am an early Indigo and like the information that I just read on the common shift into Crystal status. I fit that now much more than the Indigo profile. I am going to be 57 in a few weeks. You can imagine how difficult it was being born into this chaotic world, even before the movements of the 60's. I thought surely I was adopted and felt I was from the stars not here. I can't say that I didn't have earthly karma or memory of past lives, because I have. I like, in turn, the definition of the Rainbow Children, who come in without this factor.

I have found a major shift to attract other folks from all generations that fit this tribal group, be it Indigos, Crystal or even Rainbow beings...but overall, it's been a long lonely journey. I have four children, all Indigo and/or Crystal children. They are now all over 18 years old and I hope I have given them some support. They all are in denial of their status in these terms. I will share this site with them and maybe they can see that they are not alone, and my daughter, who has two children (3 and 6) needs to realize that her children are at least Crystal children and I wonder if the youngest may have come in Rainbow (she named him Bodhi which means 'Enlightened one') ... we shall see.

So, please treat older Indigo scouts with respect and kindness.. our road has been difficult. Most of us chose very dysfunctional families to remove old karma and we stand out with big hearts full of compassion and love.

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