Scared Indigo

by Amber
(Santa Cruz County)

Ok, so I'm reading about Indigos and I've been told I may be an indigo. I may have telepathic abilities but it all seems too crazy and unrealistic.

I have had problems with drugs in the past and convinced myself that I was only because of the drugs I had these abilities and was too scared to try to confirm anything I was hearing because I wasn't always hearing things that were safe and comforting but I have years off drugs and I'm in recovery but the feeling of emptiness won't go away.

I don't have anything extreme to state, nothing proven but I know I'm different I can feel it. And I don’t know what to do.

I'm 30 years old. Any advice or words of wisdom I've tried to block it all out and act normal but I don’t feel like that's the right way to be acting anymore.

I think I need to embrace it and learn how to deal with it. But I'm scared please help me.

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