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by Tina

Everyone calls me a shiner not a psychic, because I have small visions when something bad is about to happen. Recently though I discovered that my husband had a whole other family besides the one he had at home. I think now he is not seeing the woman because she has moved on. This may have been because of his accident this summer, which I would like to add that I thought of a deer on a back road and told him to stay on the main highway with his enduro dirt bike, and he didn't listen to me, and as usual ended up with a crushed leg. So he had been cooped up in the hospital all summer long. So this woman comes in the hospital bedroom where I was cleaning up after just giving him a sponge bath and was behind his curtain, so she didn't see me right away, obviously it's his girlfriend, she asks him where his joint account checkbook is, that myself and my husband have shared for over 14 years, and she is with a child that looks a lot like my husband. She then proceeded to tell him she needed a check for his son.

Now he is at home again all healed up and I think he is seeing either her or someone new, and he won't even tell me about his first girlfriend even though he was caught red handed. He is trying to tell me I was hallucinating. How do I kick him out of a house we both own together? We started fighting and he put an order of protection against me, so I won't hit him, or follow him around. He's smart, but dumb about getting himself caught. I would like some point of views from my indigo friends if you will please.

Got ripped off in NY

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