Sightings Of Ghosts And Spirits That Haunted Me The Most

I have some real ghost stories to share. The sightings of ghosts and spirits were quiet for me for a few years whist I was busy living.  When I started a new job in my mid-30s, there was a group of women I clicked with who were all very spiritually in tune and gifted.  I was quickly embraced into their circle and became good friends. 

Stacy Bridge Reeve is the verified author of this guest post.

I joined their Lightworker workshops, their light filled yoga sessions and their spiritual circle meetings.  Joining this group helped me to embrace and understand my abilities.  And this is when the sightings of ghosts and spirits really ramped up for me.  

I started having a reoccurring theme of a dream where I was being attacked.  Night after night I would wake in fright from my dream sightings of ghosts and spirits to the point where my heart was beating so hard it was painful and scary.  Then I would hear a noise like someone being dragged across the carpet at the end of my bed. 

When I would turn the light on, there was nothing there.  I told the girls about these nightly sightings of ghosts and spirits, and we decided to tap into what this was or who this was. 

We found that it was a male spirit.  He had died of a heart attack.  Which explained the dreams of me being ‘attacked’ and my heart pumping madly when I would wake.  

Dreaming About Seeing A Ghost

The dragging noise on the carpet I realised was him pulling himself along the carpet towards his young daughter who was present when he died.  

I saw a young girl in a white nightgown and this man dragging himself towards her as he was dying.   He said the word “forgiveness”.  He was concerned she had to witness his death and was left alone.  He had unresolved feelings around this. 

Once we received that information, I no longer had those dream sightings of ghosts and spirits, heart palpitations, or the dragging noise. 

I opened Pandora’s box for sightings of ghosts and spirits

During this period of my life, I was asking the universe to please help me to open up more spiritually and increase my abilities. Well that certainly did happen. I opened Pandora’s box in regard to my contact with the deceased that’s for sure!

Suddenly my unit was a beacon for the dead. I had sightings of ghosts and spirits all over the place, all the time. I could not necessarily see them; I could sense them. Sometimes they would leave my things in weird places and at times it was overwhelming, and I had to ask them to leave.

Eventually I figured out to create a sort of intake system where I directed the spirits to go to a light portal rather than coming to me directly.

This worked a treat, for the most part. I still had the occasional sightings of ghosts and spirits come to me upon waking or waking me at night.

One of me sightings of ghosts and spirits stands out, was quite frightening. One morning I was coming out of sleep state as someone was talking to me in my left ear. I realised a woman was half laying on me and speaking in another language in an angry, threatening tone.

I could not understand what she was saying but the tone was clear that she was not happy. When I woke fully, she said in my ear “My boyfriend is going to f**k you up”. As I opened my eyes, I saw a male at the end of my bed walking out of my bedroom.

I did not feel threatened by him, but I sure did feel threatened by her. When I completely woke and sat up wondering if that really happened, I realised my bedroom door was open.

Now I never ever sleep with my bedroom door open. NEVER! I was living alone then, so it was always closed when I went to bed. But it was now partly open. I was also conscious of the fact that I had felt her weight on my body, that my ear felt like someone had just been talking into it. It was not a dream.

Following this I did have other sightings of ghosts and spirits but nothing as clear as these. Life was busy again and I was distracted. It was not until I was married and had my first child that the ghostly experiences started up again.

In the house I had my children in, I had several sightings of ghosts and spirits of children there that would wake me during the night. There were also some darker things there as well, entities perhaps? I do not know what they were, but some were frightening and contacting my son.

I first was aware of these children when my son was a baby and sleeping in his cot at the end of our bed. I was woken one night by a child running around my bed, playing with me. It ran behind the cot and hid.

In a panic I woke wondering how my son got out of his cot and could do that. When I saw him asleep, I realised it was not him.

This happened many times. Always two little mischievous spirits waking me and running around the bed hiding and playing. My husband did not hear or feel them.

I suspect they were children of his from his first marriage when his wife lost two children. My father on his deathbed saw these children when we visited him in hospital. He said to my husband, “Oh you’ve got two children with you”. Or he could have seen the two children we were to have? I cannot be sure. That was before we were married.

Over the years these children and some others woke me during the night. Sometimes I would wake, and a spirit baby would be asleep in my arms. I think that was my child that has not yet come. My son has been talking about her since he was about two years old. He even told me her name, which coincidentally was my grandmothers nickname, who died whilst I was pregnant with my son.

Sightings Of Ghosts And Spirits

The child spirits were no problem, until they started waking my son and upsetting him.  He would wake crying and yelling out because the children would hit him or tap him on the head and wake him.  He did not like it, so I had to ask them not to do that.  When I would ask him what they wanted he would always say “apples”.

Many years later when I asked him about the children, he was able to tell me they were the children of my close friend who had miscarried several children.  He said they looked like her and they would ask for apples or talk about apples.  My friend had a psychic reading years later and the psychic asked her, “What is the thing about the apples?”  We still have not figured that out.

Mostly our sightings of ghosts and spirits at that house were fine, but there were a few scary moments.  One night when my son was a baby, he was asleep in my arms in bed with me.  I had this sensation of someone crawling along the bed on top of me and I remember thinking why is my husband doing that?  And when I opened my eyes to ask him, there was no one there.  The feeling of this spirit was not good.

My son started talking about a spirit in the corner of his room that he feared at night.  I asked him more about it and he told me her name was Anne.  This continued for a while and when my young niece was visiting, she was playing in a play tent in our lounge one night on her own when she came out looking terrified.

When he finally told us what was wrong, she said she did not like the person in the tent with her as they were scary.  And that was all she would say.

One night my son screamed out for me and said that Anne had been holding him down in his bed.  Following this I asked him questions about Anne, and he described her as having “wool” and he said she speaks like this.  He spoke in this voice like you hear in horror movies, the voice the demon always has.  That terrifying, revolting voice that sends shivers down your spine!  As soon as he did that.  That was it for me, Anne had to go.

Following this he has not had many other ghostly experiences and I am not sure if that’s due to getting older or from me freaking out about Anne and scaring him.  He did tell me about a man and lady in our garden that died in a plane.  But nothing much since.  

I still occasionally have spirits pulling my legs as I sleep, touching me, or a presence next to my bed as I wake.  And I saw my father in our motel room on our honeymoon one night.  I am certain we conceived our son either that night or the next few.  I wonder if my father was bringing my son’s soul to me that night? 

My daughter does not seem to see spirits, nor does their father.  It is a lovely thing I share with my son.  I am so grateful that he has a mother that not only understands him and believes him, but also embraces and encourages his gifts.  That is of course why he chose me.

Guest post by Stacy Bridge Reeve

Guest Post by Stacy Bridge Reeve

Stacy Bridge Reeve is a mother of two young children living at Australia’s Sunshine Coast.  She can see spirits, hear things, and has that “knowing” about situations and people.  Stacy’s frequent vivid dreams also bring messages and some predictions.  An avid writer, Stacy discovered that she has a gift for writing screenplays, and is pursuing this as a way to get channeled messages out to the world through movies!  


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