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Solo Indigo

by Destiny

I have recently found out why I am so different. Although by now you've probably figured it out, I will tell you anyway. I am an indigo child. Not crystal, indigo. I am the artistic kind, although I’m pretty fiery and can pack a punch :p.

I am the only indigo I know, not even one of my other (3) siblings are like me (or us). I live out in the woods, far from any other indigo. I long so much to meet another, even through the computer, that my heart aches.

It’s hard being an indigo. Sometimes I have dreams of the future, near and far. It’s scary sometimes. I’ve dreamed of death in bloody medieval battles, and I have actually felt the pain. I wake with sore limbs where swords and arrows have pierced through my armour. If I see (in the manifest world, not dream world) a cut, or anything larger, I feel the pain of that cut, but magnified to a horrible feeling until I look away. I am agitated around certain people, and afraid around others.

I want to know if anyone feels remotely like this, because I really need a friend who truly and genuinely understands me.

I’m destiny. I’m 12. Please, somebody answer my plea for friendship.

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Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks, a lot. I've been trying to ignore this page for a while...I didn't want to accept this. There's something been on my mind recently, and I don't know who to tell or how to. I figure you two would be the most likely to believe me. It is a secret that will change everything we know. Please help me spread the word. if you are interested, email me at This is very important.

Apr 19, 2012
by: Rosalee

As an Indigo, you should be able to use your powers to make the dreams stop or let God know that you do not want to have that sort of dreams again by praying.

Aug 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

we indigos are all friends already, you are not alone though you may not see our faces. when you feel uncomfortable around people or afraid you are reading auras and you should trust your instincts. not everybody sees colors (myself for instance). as for the pain you feel after some of your dreams, when you wake up try clearing your mind and telling your physical body that the dream is over and does not hurt. you'd be surprised what you can do when your mind is clear. also, your empathic pain should respond to a similar order. good luck on your mission sister

Jul 25, 2011
friend in me
by: Anonymous

Its ok..your not the only one who felt that way.... at 11 my senses were heighten just like yours...I wake up with scars, and tears, from outer body experiences... and I was very afraid at that age...just pray, ask God to not show u such explicit visions or ask for the strength to understand to your spiritual "guide"...we all have time you sleep...clear your mind..let your spirit be free and you will connect...then all ur questions will be answered

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