Spirit Under Water

by Jessica Hulson
(Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)

I've always been curious to have a professional within this area to advise me of the truth of my past lives.

As a young girl, I was advised that in my past life, I had fallen off a ship & drowned in the sea. Apparently my spirit then spent time floating below the sea until it was time to be reincarnated into who I am today.

I was also told that throughout my previous lives, however many there were, I'd apparently always died at an early age & my spirit, due to what I was lead to believe were accidents, wasn't able to stay within the same vessel past 13 years of life, that is until now of course as I am currently 25 years of age. She said because I had passed the age of 13, my spirit, although not a new one, was experiencing it all for the first time.

The lady who told me of this information, wasn't regularly practicing nor was she to be considered a professional in the field.

I've always been curious to get a second reading by someone knowledgeable & with past experience within this field.

My hope is whomever reads into the accent history & journey taken by my spirit, are able to either confirm or deny what I've been told & lead to believe for many of years.

To be given the correct information by an accurate viewing, would be amazing & possibly have a greater effect of the life I lead as well as the way I lead it.

I eagerly await your response.

Kind regards, Jessica

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