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Spiritual Psychic David Mitchell

by Lucia Adaline
(Woodscross Ut)

I was unsure of David, or any psychic-medium, to be honest. I have always wanted to go to one, and have heard several highly recommended testimonials regarding how good David Mitchell was. And after reading dozens of stories about him, from his clients on his Face Book page, I threw caution to the wind, contacted him, and had the most amazing reading.

We hadn't been in the same room for more then ten minutes, and he was already telling me things that no one could ever have told him about me. I used to think people exaggerated and or made that up, to make the psychic medium more believable. He told me accurate names of family, he even brought through my aunt and told me things in which her and I shared when she was alive. Impossible for someone to do that. But he did.

He also predicted some things that happened for me, when he said they would. I have since been a reoccurring client and also told many of my friends about him. He is to me the Salt Lake City Medium, from Salt Lake City Utah.

Thanks for letting me share my story, and thank you David, you have an amazing gift.

Best Wishes


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You'll be amazed.....
by: Rich T.

As some above said, I was also skeptical since I lived in Ohio and he in Utah and my reading was to be done over the phone. But I was sooooo proven wrong. The validations he produced and other statements were spot on. The hour went so fast and the conversation and information given was so engaging. I found David to be spot on. I've only had one reading but I fully intend on more in the future

by: AP-Florida

David has been kind and pleasant since I've known him. While I remain unsure of the general "psychic stuff" (still waiting to see if some predictions come true), he's spot on with communicating with the dead.

I am a Christian and have had many questions about all this, but I do believe it is possible because it's mentioned in the Bible. Good? Bad? Right? Wrong? It's there. It's natural for some and while it takes a discerning person to know what spirit is which, I believe David is continuously developing his abilities and discernment.

My first reading with David happened in the early part of 2012 after my mom passed. She was diagnosed and died of cancer within 6 months. The things he said she said sounded "a lot like her" and I was ever the skeptic, but THEN he said some things that sounded JUST LIKE HER, probably because it WAS her. "Get off the damn phone and GO TO BED!" Geeze, how many times did I hear that in my life? Her tone, her essence came through. I broke out in tears and laughter because I just knew it was her and so so grateful to contact her.

About two years later I met my current boyfriend whose wife of 21 years had passed suddenly in the Fall of 2012 and I struggled internally with the concept of dating a man whose life had been dedicated to another woman who was now dead and respecting both her and him but at the same time wanting to be with him. On my second reading, David brought what appears to have been "her" through. Through him/her I was reassured that while she didn't want him with anyone else while she was here on Earth, now that she's living again she sees things from a happiness perspective and she was supportive of me being his new love while he's here on Earth (I'm still not sure what happens when we both die, but I try not to think about it too much. I know noone is given in marriage when we're dead but it's hard to separate Earthly life and feelings here and what happens there because I'm truly not there yet.) In any case, she made a few comments about positive things she had observed that related to me and her daughters and while the whole situation and family dynamics are still currently evolving, I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses. This man has proven himself to be loyal, honest, loving more than anyone I've been with before so I'm keeping him although the whole thing is still odd to me.

Someday, I'll probably get another reading with David, but for now I hold onto some of the words he has said, for better or for worse and wait to see if other things he's said will come true.

Thank you David for your service and for being attuned to the "other life" and it's members.

Absolutely Amazing!
by: Kori

David is an amazing psychic, medium, and great guy! I went and saw him to help me with my son who can see and talk to spirits. My son had been sleeping in my room by this time for over a month. Something in his room was scaring him, when normally he wasn't afraid of spirits. When my son and I went to see David, he was able to pick up right away my son's room and that there were 3 adult spirits that were really messing with my him. He helped me pin point what I was looking for, so that I was able to take the necessary steps to rid my home of these dark entities.

Not only that, but cared enough to talk to me on the phone multiple times, as well as gave my son some valuable advice.

He also was able to help me understand the little boy my son has been communicating with over the last few years. It was something I was really needing advice about. Everything he said was spot on. It was an absolute life saver.

I would recommend David to everyone! If I could give 10 stars I would! :)

David Mitchell
by: Denette

I have had several meetings with David, and have had the opportunity to see him in a group setting and saw him tell the people there things he could not have known, and bring forth several loved ones that have passed on, he is amazing, and very good at what he does, if you are not a believer you will be after hes done with you!

Thank you David for sharing your gift.


David's contact page
by: Ian

Here is David Mitchell's Facebook page

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