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Starseed Children

by SilverMoon

I love mermaids I feel I am one.....

I love mermaids I feel I am one.....

Hello all, I am a Crystal elder/starseed. . I have come from a place other then earth. I am very different then most humans here. I feel my path is to heal and help those who are lost. I am a gifted psychic, clairvoyant, and healer. I've been able to see spirits and sense them since I was 3. What is a starseed? Well... Starseeds are allegedly seed planets with information and spiritual frequency when one cycle of time is about to end and another begin. As planetary frequency increases, so too does their levels of awareness, and need to help others, and return to their natural state of being, a soul spark of light.

There is little connection to the mainstream systems of society, religious, political or economic. Creativity is the key to spiritual fulfillment and mission.

Many Starseed children prefer to work only in the esoteric fields - healing, searching for their own truths and their soul mission through studying systems of higher wisdom, writing their biographies as a means of clearing issues and understanding their work here and now.

They await a great awakening the evolution of consciousness through the alchemy of time. They know that no one has the date for us to move into levels of higher frequency but their souls tell them that it is on the horizon. They are programmed to find others like themselves, as based on similar frequencies and predestined agendas. I believe that starseed children are beings that are either a walk-in soul or a born-in soul that came here for the 2012 prophecies! I feel I am a crystal elder and a starseed who came here at a special time. I was having a rough time in my childhood I felt different and it hurts till this day.

The Indigo and Starseed children are a bewilderment to many of today's parents and teachers who have only a third dimensional understanding of life. The youngsters already "know" who they are and many of them understand the purpose of their present stay on Earth. They are apt to focus on the etheric, rather than the linear, making it difficult for them to adapt to conventional classroom discipline and fit into mainstream society. Frequently these children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or some form of hyperactivity, which alarms those who attempt to help all young people avoid frustration and achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

Many believe these leaders of the future are ancient souls from Mu and Atlantis who have returned to help humanity find its way out of the world difficulties. We've had spiritual impoverishment and would benefit from listening to these children with the wise old eyes. As we encounter the current problems of social upheavals, crime and our inhumanity to one another, the wisdom of the Indigo and Starseed Children will offer us a bridge from the third dimension to higher levels. As for me I am actually andromedan/pleiadian descendant and did come back to help humanity. We need to stop this war and nonsense and madness that will eventually wipe us all out.

My gifts are Clairvoyance, psychic healer, medium, I can sense if your a starseed or indigo it takes me a few mins to get in-tuned. I also can see auras. I had a few encounters with the paranormal and so on. I just feel a little home sick and I want to go home but I know my place right now is here.

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Dec 05, 2012
Starseed Children are Righteous!
by: Michael

Starseeds are everything everyone says about them, very emotional higher celestial sons and daughters, psychic, intuitive, blessed with the gift of math, science and music.

They are smart kids!
Sometimes their feelings of loneliness, separation and hyperactivity can be from outside sources not from their native family tribes, social dysfunction, criminal activity, anger, can be very frustrating to these higher emotionally communicative angels of God.

The culture of death and death emotions are very unattractive to these kids, they prefer to gather in groups and separation front their higher protective angelic starseeds causes mild depression and a feeling of "wanting to go home", meet other Starseed and acquire a greater understanding of themselves and their unique identity during the ascension. Drawing them closer together causes great joy and happiness, all of the Starseed are children of the "Golden Age" redeemed through the blood of The Lamb, in spite of whatever "new age" philosophies ascended masters might have on religious point of views. They are all seven sons of different origin and seven sisters of Pleiades, all are bright nova children and it is our responsibility as higher guardians of their lives to bring them to their stars during the ascension these last days.

The Illuminati sometimes causes them much discomfort and anger because the beautiful Starseeds are very intuitive regarding the deceptive thievery and reptilian shapeshifting to hide their true identities as fallen agents of Satan.
Their guardian angels are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

My kids love higher education in sciences, dream states and true religion, I love my children and the source of their great love for humanity, that source is God.
It is highly advised to gather them to education and fulfillment of their purpose on earth, their protector is Strong.

Sep 22, 2012
starseed not what u think
by: Anonymous

The starseed children were predicted by Gurdjeff years ago. Hitler found out and he murdered millions of people to prevent us from coming. What we are is children who were human sacrifices on earth long ago. Our families chose us to send a message to the Creatorin an attempt to keep the creation alive. My understanding from many areas of research is that we were to be messengers to the Heavens and now the Heavens sent us back to be messengers to Earth. You want to go home but due to the trauma od being murdered you feel unsafe here and don't fit in. You ARE HOME. Now wake up and remember what we are here for. I personally was traumatized again as a human sacrifice this time as well. I was taken by my parents and forced to have an abortion. My child was also a starseed and a love child. I believe he came back to me when I had my son who understands who he is. So please we came here to bring about the end of war and murder and bring about a Golden Age of life. Eternal life we have been and continue to be. We are finding each other now. We must act now. Understand we must choose life in every choice everyday. We possess a power because of what was done to us to stop this destruction. Join me and get beyond the pain and use your heart to heal our home. Then we will be safe. Much love to you all. My name is Divine Waterfall Messenger. That is what my actual name translates to. Aquarius is the water bearer sign. Blessings to all of you. Go from strength to strength.

Apr 12, 2012
Here to Help Humanity
by: StarSeed Bob

Many diffrent Races and places in the universe are here for the Earth Transitions, Some on a positive Note others might be on the negative all working for the same deeper connection of bringing together both frequencies for a Newer Vibration. So many areas and even Aspects of these Beings "Starseeds" who Incarnate here on Earth to Help Mankind.All in diffrent wavelengths of Light that work on many areas of Expertise. Some on the Enlightenment level and even others on the Awareness to help Everyone Understand and Unite Mankind.

Love & Light~!

Jan 07, 2012
Star Child?
by: Maggie

Can you sense a star child from over the computer? I have recently discovered I am an indigo, but was wondering if you could sense it and if so, what exactly you sense. I know this is weird, but maybe it's part of it....but I often don't feel like I'm really part of this world, or my body at all. I just go with the motions, but most of the time I feel like I'm living in a dream-like state...

Oct 27, 2011
gathered up into her fold, after called home-
by: Anonymous

-The scattered stars are now lost no more. Kindred and bright they are. Mother and father now call u all home into the fold..... Hello, my name is rocky lane heard and i found what was just some more memorized for life fact like always and it all made since and felt that someone should have seen this before. Should have at least noticed.. A star i am but fully awake am not.... No memories of past lives or planets but i just read tonight about the star seed children. All night that is.... More for me to do and see and read etc.... I?ll be back in a day or so and we will see... Thank you.... And bless u all, with love from: rlh (a student of the occult):)

Oct 02, 2011
i want to understand myself and other
by: vhl

i don't know and not sure enough whether i am an indigo or starseed or normal. because sometimes i can predict future, know something before happened, read other palmhand and know their life.

i know and understand many things not inform in official education like school or any common place but from some esoteric or some kind metaphisyc sites and books

my young life until now is not too good and i experience some hurt moments that make me hatred to other who did bad and evil things to me

i have a dream to help people with healing abilities, cure and vanish their madness from their heart. but i know i must help myself first

i want to know more about myself but some people who i make contact not give clear answer and explanation, they just advise me to pray to God, make a better life and positive thinking and cannot give spesific explanation about who or what i am

i hope i can find an answer here
thank you before

Aug 28, 2011
Lost, spinning
by: Ireland

I do not know who I am or where I am from or where I am to go. The last two years have brought me back to the spiritual I ran from as a child. I used to "hear" the trees and stars, etc.

Now I feel I am on a gerbil wheel, nothing here is working. LIke my own property is trying to spit me out to move tothe next phase. I have spent my whole life taking care of others and putting them first. I am exhausted, weak and medically told nothing wrong with me other than all my levels are messed up. Alternative says I am on toxic overload and poisoning myself.

My children fit some of the starseed, only they are both very smart, weirdly so and love to and math.

I need direction before I crawl into a hole and out of my skin.

May 03, 2011
I'm a crystal
by: Audrey

Hi I'm a crystal starseed born in 1950. I was born ahead of the mainstream for a was intended that I would guide others.

I understand the feeling of homesickness. The more suffering I encounter, the more I want off this planet. When it gets too hard I seek comfort from angels. Angels are kindred souls and another name for a lightworker starseed is "earth angel"
Just as I can be anywhere in the world by being in the all in all...and just as I can do readings and healings while "visiting" or "linking" too can the angels. No matter where they are in the universe.

Being a crystal isn't a matter of genetics....even though the human race was seeded. It is more a matter of of soul...where you have been prior to being on this planet. In past life readings I have seen that many starseed came from a particular planet that was very near another planet which appeared like a large moon in the sky....and there were was also a moon. This was prior to the time of Atlantis. In one reading I saw thousands of people watching the sky as the other planet was about to get too close or collide. It was something that was awaited for a very long time. It comes to me that the people of that planet had been working on colonizing other planets for some time. So there are other places out there that we feel a sense of "home", but mostly it is the family our souls want....our true soul family of kindred spirits.

It helps to know that you are not alone here. There are kindred souls right here on this planet, and we just have to find each other. That was a near impossible task back in the 50's LOL but the light has spread considerably since and finding each other is a relatively easy task since the invention of the internet. So I take comfort in knowing Angels and few other starseeds.

I also take comfort in knowing a mission here has a mortal beginning and's not forever. I know I volunteered and I know it's important.

You might wonder why it is so important to spread light here. I will share what I know in another talk, but in a nutshell, this planet is another "home" and it needs improvement.
We need to find each other, support each other and comfort each other.

Love and light to all


Mar 10, 2011
lost and confussed
by: Anonymous

Hi I came across your article becasue I was doing some searching for myslef and for my child, I have now for quiet sometime out of place, and like I have a greater mission in life, I feel as though I have never had very many ppl I can call my freinds even though I know lots of people, I even feel so different from my I don't fit in. I know I am meant to do healing I feel it in me but I also feel a greater sense. As a young child I have experienced many things such as a sense of being ab;e to open up my arms and fly, hearing things, seeing spirits and little people, I know other worlds exsist and dimentions. I was and still am very sensative to things around me and I feel other ppl's pain. My child I believe is a starchild as well, he is very sensative and sees spirits as well and has a huge fascination for space, and has said many interessting things he is very sweet, gentle, caring and has such an amazing spirit he has an old soul and when he was a baby he had golden color to him. There are time he cries and says he wants to go home, esp when he is not feeling well. There is more I'd like to share with you is there a private way we can communicate, like through email?

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