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Stephanie Almaguer - Medium finds the missing!

by Brandie

This is a photo of her while at work

This is a photo of her while at work

Stephanie Almaguer is more of a medium. She was able to connect with a friend of mine, and finally, after 10 years of suffering, I found peace. She answered questions that NO ONE knew, which helped to ease my mind. Stephanie was awesome.

I know several others who have had readings from her who were blown away. You never know if someone is the "real deal" or a scammer out for a quick buck. But Stephanie Almaguer never asked me for anything. She has done a couple of missing person readings, which can be found online, I believe if she is googled. She's worked on the Haleigh Cummings case (which to date is still unsolved) and the Morgan Harrington case, (sadly) hitting the location to her remains, right on the nose. She's worth the time.

Stephanie works as an Officer for a school district. Because she is in the Law type field, she decided to try to put to use her abilities to good use in trying to find or help find answers to those who go missing and/or found dead to bring justice if she can.

Her email is stephalmaguer @ She doesn't pursue this as her employment, and I know that when she does a reading for someone, she spends a great amount of time in order to give the most accurate reading possible. She is amazing and should share her gift with everyone.

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