Stolen Indigo Generation

by Nean

Maybe I am a Crystal adult or one of the early Indigo's – born, I presume, in Darwin as I am adopted. And let’s just say Australia, especially in that time sphere, was apartheid. The Stolen Generation were the kids I associated with though as Caucasian. The law at the time was cruel once birth parent/s handed you over for adoption their names vanished and the adoptive parents became your birth parents on your 'birth certificate'. White Australia Policy... that aside my parents as I am the eldest, called me and still do at 55 in June, 'such a strange child' I knew things before they happened, saw spirits all my life. Military brat, joined married and divorced two men in uniform - my three kids are all indigo kids.

My son is a soldier, and when I house sat on one of his deployments he is a twin - (his twin sister and him are very psychic) I said “So who is the young guy dressed in black right next to you?” he goes 'MUM you see him too *swear word like a soldier* I said “of cause I see him, you know what I see”.

He was relieved, his commando house mate not so thrilled, they shared a house with a spirit... I sorted it out calling him to me and saying it’s time to go the house is ok... love you... and he walked through the wall - he had committed suicide.

My youngest is most psychic person I know, so much so I have had to just say 'get out of my head!' When she was younger she would answer my thoughts... I have had three NDE, too many operations. But as I say to my friends it does not come with a GPS and a Use by date.

For three weeks each working day I saw the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania and then the shooter, Michael Bryant, turn and stare at me. I know that day I saw pure evil. He killed over thirty three women, men and children.

With the Bali Bombing that killed 88 Australians I saw as flames. My twin daughter was going there she rang and I told her she went a week prior... on the death list is a girl with the same name as if sliding doors or the future was changed for two girls with rare names... she would have been killed in the Sari Club at that moment the bomb went off...

I lost a good Australian mate in the Twin Towers he grabbed so many people all on the roof thinking the choppers would save them... he died he was a twin...

I knew my twins hair colour and sex the night before they were born... I also knew my youngest had a genetic syndrome but took four years of bashing on specialists doors here in Australia for a result that I knew existed. It was rare, Australian first case and one in five world wide... she has changed the view of you can have a syndrome and not be intellectually impaired.

Wherever I live it seems I bring a portal for spirits to go... someone called me the Gate Keeper for souls... I let them pass... now nothing surprises me.

I am dyslexic - maths dyslexia is chronic... I am a disabled female Australian Defence Force ADF veteran... yes I am in the wrong time zone and on the wrong planet, and I always feel alone... my childhood was hell, my marriages more hell... now I know what hell is I avoid it because I never knew different to hell... there is...

The colour indigo has always pulled me. I see past lives. I can read objects, photos, know too much I tell myself, I know if someone is going to die... as I say my lore restricts such things yet.

I have felt totally alone and a stranger, or as my kids say, alien on this planet Earth... I belong nowhere, and feel lost in time...

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Mar 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi Nean.... I am so fascinated by your have a gift! and as being a mother I have learnt through mine they have similar attributes, I also have 3 children 2 being twins...all being gifted... I dont know whether this communication with you is broadcasted to everyone? as I would love to give you my email addy so we can correspond

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