Struggle to find satisfying work!

by Anthony B.
(North Florida )

Of course, I am like so many of you here, and really identify with the things I read. But I have and still struggle with just making a living in this world and realizing my true purpose.

Oh sure, I have a college degree (business/marketing) and can do many things, but I have no passion for the business world or most work. I'm not lazy; just have to have more of a connection/reason for doing things than a paycheck and stuff.

Anyone else experience these things? How have you handled it? I am 45, wm, divorced, no kids and spent many years in the corporate world, but finally it was killing me so much in my soul I left, cashed out and traveled for many years. But I got hit hard with the financial collapse and really need to go back to work for money to live and also for a bit of peace of mind, but I am struggling to find a good fit and am SO fighting going back to corporate life. Has anyone else experienced this and maybe have some good suggestions of what you did/how you overcame it?

Thank you so much. It's good to have a forum for people like ourselves, because we are the only ones that truly understand each other!

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Feb 02, 2017
Im 45 and cant think of one job that I will enjoy.
by: Alex

I have reached 45 and left a job recently. I was punched in the face by a student. There were many reasons for leaving: no pay rises, no satisfaction in the job, no way to use my creativity or very little. And an emphasis on Autistic children but none on the employees and their futures.

I have struggled with Dyslexia my whole life which affected my confidence in work. Consequently, other people always feel the need to tell me what to do and thus give me no opportunities. I have a degree in Graphics, one in Art History, A teacher training qualification, and a CELTA.

But I have never found a job I have liked and I am seriously worried now that I will never work again.

Even if I have no money! There seems to be no gain in the work-place or spirituality.

Apr 13, 2012
A 'meaningful' job
by: pheonix

I am completely aware of what you are experiencing as I too am at the same developmental stage. The problem lies in finding a 'fit' for your lifeskills and your ethical core values. You were drawn to travel to learn something you needed for a change in direction. You are at a crucial point where you are needed to 'awaken'.Think deeply about what you saw ,where you went and why,did you meet anyone? On reflection I know you will find the underlying lesson .As we go through life we accumulate what we need to help us fulfill our purpose. If you look you will find a place where your business skills and your personal needs intersect .Don't assume you have to do the same as before, think outside the box and don't be afraid to seek guidance.You already have the answers within you just need to ask the right questions. Maybe list skills,and experience and crossref. for suitable career you may be supprised what comes up! I found where I fitted best suddenly a job appeared on the doorstep.I wish you luck and send you support and illuminating light

Jun 09, 2011
by: erica

i totally agree, its so hard to find a satisfying job when you see no point. so... find a point! find something that will give you a purpose; preferably not a desk job.
im only 18 and just getting out of high school.
i have NO idea what im going to do.
i think i may make my own cafe/ artsy shop where people can hang out, have music, and ill sell my own handmade nature-y things.
but i dont know.
im not sure how possible that is.
good luck....

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