Supporting the World - Alone

by Briana



My name is Bri, and I'll just start out by saying, that I always knew I was special. I know that sounds cheesy, and the common people are like "whatever", but it's true.

When I was a little girl, and my friends wanted to be firemen, and construction workers, doctors, etc. I wanted to be a princess, now I know that sounds just like something a little girl with an overactive imagination would say, but I wanted to be a princess so people would listen to me. To listen to what I had to say about the world, about life, about everything.

Sadly, I am not a princess...yet! But I do know who I am. I'm someone who thinks way too deeply for a 15 year old girl, or maybe that's normal, and we teenagers don't share it, because no one will take you seriously.

Thankfully I and my family believes in 'that' sort of stuff, and I believe that's why I chose them, and for other reasons of course. Everyone in my family is special, but none, except me, well, that I know of, are an Indigo. My 6 year old niece is a Crystal. And sometimes I feel like I'm talking to an adult. I truly believe that, because we've never had any real contact with others of our kind, that we lean on each other.

When I need someone to talk to, to just be with ... all of a sudden, she's there. And when I feel alone, and I just need someone to sit by me or hug me, she's there. And it works the opposite way. When she needs me, I'm there. I can't explain the feeling, but it's as if, I feel her feelings, and know that she needs me, or that she's coming.

It does get lonely; I'm not going to lie. There are times when I feel as if no one in the world can understand. I still stay up late, and sometimes cry myself to sleep, because I feel so alone. I need someone who will understand what I'm going through. Not to answer, and I don't even have any questions, I just want that person to understand and not look at me as if I'm some babbling idiot.

I've talked to my spirit guides before, and at first I didn't trust them, it seemed like they were too good to be true ... but I soon came to understand they love me, and they want to see me happy, and to help me. They've given me advice before, and the ever popular quote I use as much as I can ... "You were meant for change"

I don't know everything about the world, but I know it's headed for something. I feel like throughout my life, I've been a little too protected, and I wanna do the protecting. Whatever's coming, bring it on!

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Dec 05, 2009
I'm With You
by: Anonymous

Hey, I understand exactly how you feel, I am often very lonely and no one understands that it's hard to be the only indigo/crystal child you know. Heck most people don't even know what indigo or crystal is. I feel very lonely most of the time but I am ok when I meditate for I see my guides with me. My nana is open to this stuff too but everyone else I know is not. All my friends have horrid morals and don't get me but they just listen and then change the topic because they don't know what to say. I am not too upset because soon I will find my soulmate and I am sure you will to. But if you ever need to talk or if you want to share I would love to share my email is: I am 17 and I am a girl :) I would love to converse :D LOVE AND LIGHT ALWAYS SURROUND YOU !

PS I hope the last person who made a comment didn't literally mean they want to join the army but that "I WANT TO BE A SOLDIER" comment that would be a waste! You can heal thrush Reiki and protect everyone that way

:) peace is the way.

Jul 25, 2009
by: E

I know how you feel! I too have a very understanding family and am soo grateful for them. Yes I feel the future too! Ive even seen it, and feel like ive been put here to be a soldier and a leader. I am a little bossy, thats just apart of me, but I still have been feeling lost. Like what is my purpose and who am I supposto lead? Well so far ive been helping other indigos find purpose, and even understand their gifts and develope it. I believe the first step is feeling accepted. Not all indigos have been as fourtinate as us, to have an accepting & loving family, but i feel here, we are accepted!

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