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Sydney Indigo Child

by Matthew Bova
(Sydney Australia )

Hello my name is Matthew Bova and I'm from Sydney Australia. Since these previous weeks I was trying to found out what am I. Since I was a young boy I have been seeing ghosts. But I cannot contact them; their way is they came to me.

I'm not like other people with psychic ability who can see into the future. Feel them or talk to people telepathetically. I don't think l am intelligent but l know if I work harder I can become smarter. I think I might have ADD as most indigo children have. I do not fit in school as most do and I am sometimes sensitive but not all the time.

I was born on April the tenth 1994. I feel like I am indigo but then again I am not entirely sure. Please help me found out what l really am. Tell me if I am in indigo or not . Thank you for reading!

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Jun 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hey I come from Germany and I think that I'm an Indigo child. Today I did many tests on that and it made me cry (happiness) just because I got the feeling that people who don't even know me understand me!! I really don't fit into school either!! Since I finished Primary school I was either the outsider or I felt very dumb and misunderstood. You said that you could see ghosts and of course I believe you but I have a very long story and if you would like to contact me I'll give you my e-mail address...

Before I was born my parents divorced and a few years later my mother married an asshole(sorry for my language) who she got my sister with... ... I don't know from when on but between the age of 5 and 7 I got a letter where it said that if I don't tell anyone he would tell me who he is. I promised so he told me he was a ghost named Kasimir.

We always wrote letters and we always put them on top of the mailbox. I had a CD about a ghost and once at night when I had listened to a different one and in the morning the CD with the ghost was inside. That morning In his letter it said that he liked the CD so much that he put it in. At some point he stopped writing me letters and about a year later we moved to the Netherlands. Now I speak to him like he's still there just without the letters like an invisible friend....

My e-mail is:
Hope you reply!!

Jul 29, 2013
All Day Indigo Children event Feb., 2014
by: Jenny

On the last Sunday in the month on February 23rd, 2013, the Theosophical Society at Theosophy House, 2nd floor, 484 Kent St; Sydney are introducing an All Day event on Indigo Children by a teacher/therapist who has helped these people to function and realise their talents, character,difficulties, abilities etc. Indigo children will attend but we need more interested Indigo children willing to share their experiences.If you think you can contribute to this please contact Jenny on This will be a fascinating revelation and insight into Indigo, crystal and/or rainbow children.

Feb 28, 2012
Hey fellow Aussie
by: Angelica-J

Hey Matthew,
my names Angelica i randomly ended up on this page today and instantly your little header stood out to me .. i live in sydney as well i like the idea that you're an Aussie dont know why ... I think you could be an Indigo kid or child of the light us 90's kid were born at the right time and that is why we question it when we are young rather when we are old and have experienced things.. i also think that you feel youre not putting in the effort for your intelligence is because maybe you dont grade well at school (as i did a little) you dont know what you are missing find things to better yourself and your soul educate yourself wether its a language an art or reading up on spiritual stuff to help you better understand yourself. Also when i was 13 i was told i may have ADHD but i didnt take that excuse it was becuase i wasnt stimulated enough so i had to find things to fill that. dont let people give you a pointless label as an excuse as to why you cant do things because i promise you that youre amazing. being an Indigo also our boredom can mostly be mistaken as laziness because to stop constantly going we completely relax and opt for mind numbing things to surpass the time. i hope his helped a little if you want to ask me anything or want someone to chat to my email is

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