Tall Young Indigo Adult

by Tom
(United Kingdom)

I used to think a huge amount of people would die come December this year as its 2012. I have also had a very deep interest in the corruption of the government, I’m not even going into that as most people just give you the 'you’re crazy' look..

Anyway, I was thinking about the government and how they control the masses and spread fear and it made me think; could all this 'end of the world' be down to them programming people to automatically assume the worst? So I started looking for alternatives, after all, there was still a genuine Mayan calendar counting to a certain date, so I did some research and got really interested in ancient spiritual beliefs. Quite a lot from the Egyptians (funny how the illuminati use a lot of Egyptian symbols) and for a few months now I’ve been practicing meditation to 'tune in' to nature and my higher self.

Still researching different techniques and the whole subject, I stumbled over INDIGO CHILDREN and after researching quite a few different sources, I came to the conclusion that I am one.. As soon as I read the various characteristic traits I got an overwhelming sense of belonging.. Like I finally understood myself..

I can relate to pretty much every single Indigo characteristic I’ve come across. On my journeys I’ve always, ALWAYS, hated myself, for never being able to fit in and feeling like a COMPLETE outcast.. I’ve always thought I was just different.. I physically can’t open up to people and I only really feel like myself when I’m alone. I live with my mom but we have a very distant relationship, we get on but I just can’t relate to her.. I’m smart and consider myself to be higher in understanding, perception, and intelligence than my work colleagues.

Although my grades weren’t A* in school, I still understood things on a different level, really hard to explain..

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say, there is so much I want to express but how do you explain everything you think about life and yourself? How do you then show people how that relates to indigo characteristics? I literally feel like my life has purely been a journey to get to the understanding that I’m at right now..

Anyway.. .. Awkward

I'm a male, young Indigo Adult; Taurus, born May 16 1992, I’m 6’7”
Email me if you want to talk, I could do with friends (male or female) and I can share anything you might want to know about .. whatever, just say hi :)


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Oct 17, 2012
by: tom

Spirit science was a big part of my realisation :) it’s like were all in tune! :D thx for the comment.

Oct 16, 2012
Thank you and something you may really connect with!
by: Radiant Love

Thank you for your post.. I love how so many of us are all coming to same revelations..spiritually and now science is catching up.. please check out the these amazing tutorials on youtube called Spirit Science. You will love them.. There is a long one..about 4hrs which is the best one to watch at your own pace.. Then follow the Spirit Science channel on youtube for newer videos posted weekly.. So good and I'm sure you will get so much out of these!

All love :)

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