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Tarot Spreads

Unusual Layouts - by Richi Who

These two Tarot Spreads; The Full Pyramid and The Annual Zodiac layouts are regarded as unusual but insightful.

The Annual Zodiac Spread identifies the issues that can influence your year to come.

I find this spread to be particularly helpful for setting goals, and it is favoured by many Tarot Readers for performing a coming year’s prediction.

This spread uses a total of 13 cards, one card for each month and one card to represent the year in general.

When shuffling, begin by focusing your mind on each month.

When you have placed all 12 cards, shift your focus towards the year in general. This will be the last card you place.

Zodiac Tarot Spread

An alternative layout is to cross each of the month cards with another so that two cards represent each month.

This is the Full Pyramid Spread which uses the entire pack of 78 cards laid out in the form of a pyramid; twelve rows across and twelve cards deep. We start with one card for the first row and increase by one card per row until all cards have been used.

The significance here is the adding all the numbers from 1 to 12 together equals 78 - the total number of tarot cards in a deck!

pyramid tarot spread

The cards are laid out from the top down - left to right. I will let you assign your own meanings here. But it is an interesting exercise and one in which you should let the cards do the talking. Performing a full reading using a layout of this nature could take several hours of concentration - so be warned.   

This is a good exercise while learning to use the tarot. Compiling stories from the use of all the cards will help connect your intuition to the imagery of all the cards in the deck. But remember to use a fully illustrated deck like (or based upon) the Rider Waite

What are your favourite tarot spreads?

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