Teenager's Paranormal Experiences

by Sarah Louise Woods
(Cornwall Ontario Canada)

I'm the bald one

I'm the bald one

I’m not afraid of who I am. I embrace who I am. I have a high energy to contact to the other side. I see and hear spirits. I can connect with living people as well. I have apparitions of things that are going to happen, little things like who is calling on the phone, or what my dream will be before I dream it.

I don't see visions of big things happening like flash floods or a volcano erupting but I know that I have potential to channel it more. I have seen deaths before they have happened, more like a vision of persons before they die. Like recently I have been getting feelings and visions of my grandfather dying this winter. This man is someone who has one lung, half a rib cage and was put in a sanatorium as a kid for 4 years because he had TB. He is a very strong man. He is about 83 years old and his wife (the love of his life) died 2 years ago. It is like he keeps falling and falling into greater sadness and he looks like his time will be soon. An old man dying of a broken heart, but I see his dead wife (grandma) visit him often now. To see the same picture in my head that I had before my grandmother and my papa died, (god rest their soul - love you papa), is making me scared to channel my abilities.

I am but 19 years old and I have been having physic abilities since I could drop a word. When I was very young my mom had this Family Holy Bible about half a foot thick, the reason why she owns this bible now is because when she was younger this bible stood on her closet shelf with the door closed and every night she would hear Tina, open the door of the closet. She heard it every night for 5 years before she actually opened the door at night. The reason why I’m telling you all this is because I have not ever told anyone about the situation that I came upon with this book. This book sits under my mother’s bed at her house. I do not live with her anymore and since I moved, the voices have stopped. Voices which demanded me to open the book. I have many times before so I don’t really know what I am supposed to be looking for. I had talked to my uncle, who I am not allowed to visit because of certain happenings when I was younger, but I contacted him about his experiences with the book, and he told me he used to hear the book when he was younger as well. The voices had stopped when my mother had taken it to the house that she bought in 1989.

This is just one experience!

I have also had experiences with the paranormal when I lived in my boyfriend’s house last year. I was sitting on the tire swing in the front yard. A boy, who looked clear as day, ran to me from the bush beside us and said tell Kathy I’m not going anywhere. Kathy is my boyfriend’s mom. I told Kathy and she said oh that is just Zachary.

Every Christmas morning at 5 am Zachary traditionally plays a xylophone in the basement. You can hear it but can’t see him. he closes and opens doors and he plays with the buttons on the TV.

Another incident in that house is upstairs in the "blue room" I always thought there was a poltergeist because the doors slams and locks itself when you sleep in that room, and "things" in the night will keep pulling the blankets off of you. Another incident I have had in that house is seeing a native woman with her nose cut off. I was really scared when I saw her but then as I looked at her there was a feeling inside me that she needed help, I had a feeling of great sorrow. I searched why she would have no nose and I came about a page that explained that when native women back in the day were unfaithful to there husbands, they would chop off a finger or their nose or an ear to show the whole town that she was a slut. Pretty freaky to hear this if you didn’t experience it yourself but I have gotten used to spirits. They come they go, they are everywhere.

There have been many other experiences but the last one is the one I was basing my story on. When I was younger I considered myself to have physic abilities, although the majority of my feelings and visions and spirit connections have only started to produce in mass amounts when I was about 13 when my papa had past. I had gotten into prescription drugs because of this wrong turn. My mom was using a quitting smoking drug called Zyban which an adult should only take one per day because it screws with your head a lot. I had taken 32 of my mother’s Zyban. Not proud to admit this but I did and all I remember is laying in my bed looking at the ceiling, I saw my papa who was dead saying it is okay, you will be alright you can come with me. And I wanted to sooooo bad, I mean it was my papa. The whole reason I got into this mess in the first place. I saw his hand reach through my face and the next thing I knew I was floating above my own body, it was as clear as day. I had a vision of my mom hysterically crying at my funeral as they were putting me in the ground and I remember thinking I can’t do this to her. I pulled myself back in myself and ran to my mom’s room. I told her that I had the stomach flu because I puked all over her bed. It was mostly foam and she had asked me if I had taken anything that I wasn’t supposed to. I lied but she didn’t believe me because I kept trying to grab little particles I was seeing in the air that kept turning into people I have never even met before. That was the scariest moment in my life. I don’t expect anyone to believe me because they didn’t go through it themselves but I just want to say that if you have these abilities to see people and talk to people after their deaths then channel it. Especially if you are feeling despair because the last thing you want is to be pulling yourself back in your body and overdosing on a drug you knew nothing about just to see your beloved loved ones again.

I’m just another teenager sharing her paranormal experiences.

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Nov 25, 2011
Can I Talk to you sometime?
by: Kasia

Hey, I have questions about this... my family is "scared" for me.. they think I'm crazy.. Alot has been happening to me ever since I was young.. I don't know who to turn too.. My family believes I have "gifts" but we moved into an 100 year old house and think that nuns used to live here.. nothing could happen..so now they think I'm just crazy... but I keep getting feelings that' arn't good. I feel people touching me.. and I see things that I hope arn't coming to hurt me.. and I hear my name. along with alot more.. For the past three years I've been seeing shadows, everywhere but in the home I'm in. even at the schools I've attended.. Can i control this? Am i insane? What are the black shadows..?

Jan 14, 2010
Psychic Book
by: Anonymous

I have had some experiences like yours and I wrote a book about it. If you like you can go to lulu.com and search the doubting psychic it talks about all the stuff I went through and now I do psychic reading.

Jan 12, 2010
About The Bible
by: rob

Not sure if you'll get this message, but if I were you, I'd check the Bible again. Except for this time, close your eyes and shuffle the pages between your fingers until you are compelled to stop. When this happens (seeing that there will be two pages facing you) read both pages to see if you can find any answers to your questions.

If anything arises please contact me at damned_martyr @ ahoo.com. Thanks and I wish you well.

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