by Tellus
(North Carolina)

My name is Tellus and I was born here on August 13, 1969 as part one of the very first waves (from what I've read) of Indigo Children. When I was very young I began having problems with anger and I couldn't sit still (4 or 5yrs old). By the time I was nine I had been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and placed on 150mg of Dalantin a day. They found abnormal electrical readings from an EEG in my temporal lobe. I had never had a seizure. At this time, I was already able to see a person’s intentions by their energy but I didn’t know what or how or why. I just knew I was different.

I was also clairaudient/clairvoyant like I am now but I could never make sense of it when I was younger. Too much coming in, and no way to filter anything out. I was hospitalized twice by the time I was 11 for what later became known as ADHD. I know now as I knew then that I did not truly belong here. I just couldn’t understand how I wound up here. Growing up and still to a degree today, I have had a notable problem with authority figures lacking integrity. I wasn’t afraid to tell them so also. This produced some good things and some bad as truth does for the giver and receiver. When I was 16, I had withdrawn to such a degree from society and taken over by depression that I checked myself into the third hospital.

After that, I had gained enough ground to understand what I was being told by society was the framework I had to work within in order to survive. I began what I would consider a normal life around the age of 17 that lasted until I was 32. I had graduated high school, gone to college and had a career working in the data intelligence industry. I was a corporate suit. I had forgotten about my childhood. I had forgotten how different I was. I had forgotten everything. Apparently, I started to become something the universe didn’t approve of and it let me know in 2001. At that time, I made decent money, lived on the intercostals in Florida, had a nice car and even a great girlfriend. I really had a good life as measured by society.

In 2001, I began having massive panic attacks for absolutely no reason that I could pinpoint. There was never an origin that I could see that was causing these attacks. I went to a Neurologist because I thought there was something wrong with me like a tumor or some chemical issue. After all the testing was completed, the doctor told me I was fit as a fiddle and he saw nothing that could be causing this to occur other than my own reaction to my own anxiety escalating into a panic attack. There was one thing that made me look elsewhere and not take his diagnosis. It was the fact that these attacks were coming from nowhere. I can remember being in a boardroom of sort and suddenly seeing colors around everyone, watching the walls move in and feeling my heart about to bust out of my chest and feeling like I had to throw up. I thought I was dying. These attacks lasted about a year and I had to control them with medication.

During this time and into the next few years, I started looking into metaphysics, intuition and spirituality. As this new direction began unfold, so did my career. I started to “feel” things again and have this knowingness that had been so destructive to me when I was young. This time however, it was constructive and a blessing in disguise. Everything that had been a part of my life from the time I was 17 until 32 was changing so rapidly. I no longer had any interest in things that were once an important part of my life (football, fast cars, fast women, brand name clothing, trust in our govt., money, partying, etc.). This change brought on new things in my personality that were always there but just covered up by the society I found myself in.

In 2005 I began having a spontaneous Kundalini awakening with the lifting sensations, shifting pain and all that. This Indigo was being beaten down so that he could rise up with a pure heart and clear direction with purpose. I began reading people and spirit in 2004/2005 and although I could do it, it was very apparent to me that my purpose has to do with what is here and not out there. I officially retired from sales and marketing in the spring of 2008. I am currently getting a bachelors in Nursing and I plan on working with children. I realize that what I have is a gift/curse depending on who I surround myself with. My goal now is to find more like me. That is what has brought me here.

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