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Tessarae is a Clairvoyant Energy Channel and Spiritual Life Coach

by LL
(Earth, Universe)

Best Ever Psychic Clairvoyant Tessarae

Best Ever Psychic Clairvoyant Tessarae

I have had so many psychic readings, but none like hers. I met Tessarae at Premiere Psychics site and now that I am invited to write a review for psychics I love.

She is really unique. Not just your basic tarot reading psychic. She reads energy and feels the feelings of people and situations. She always says the same phrases I (or my boyfriend or mom) just said, it's amazing!

She coached me thru the separation with Alex, and now we're back together and better than ever. It's because I went thru what I had to go thru, learned what I had to learn and cleared my energy to be more MYSELF! The ME that is really in alignment with Alex! I feel great. I am happy with or without him, but with him is a joy now! Tessarae was there thru the whole thing. She interpreted my dreams, felt our energy and really showed me the way to the light.

Tessa also sees and feels the energy around my work; she described everyone working around me and knew when the promotion was coming! It was seriously amazing.

She says we are just spirits of energy in bodies. She says we attract and are attracted to energy that is like our own. She says we feel good when we are being our true self and we feel bad when we are separating or separated from our true self. She just makes sense. I am living such a blessed life since I started working with her.

Tessarae, when you find this - I am telling you about it next week on our call (!!) - THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! You Really Are The Best Ever!

I pulled this pic of her off her page on Premiere Psychics

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Ellen is Better
by: Anonymous

Tessa was unimpressive- she fished for info. Ellen is by far a better psychic on Premiere psychics

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