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The Indigo Dream

by Lara Matthews
(Richmond VA)

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate individual. I grew up in an environment where my peers and superiors did not indulge in the habit finding a belief for you, or a category box to safely put you in, in order for them to feel at ease. I also consider myself very lucky that ADD was hardly heard of while I was growing up. Children who displayed ADD type symptoms were labeled hyperactive, and given what was thought to be appropriate medication. Those children who did not display the anti social behavior of these hyperactive children were simply called gifted. I was one of these gifted children, according to my parents.

Indigo Children had hardly been heard of in my neck of the woods when I was a child. To be honest, if anyone had suggested to my parents that I might have been an Indigo child, I think they would have considered the person describing me as such a complete head case, and a bit of a tree hugger to boot, which was their description for a New Ager. So, I was the intelligent member of the family, the loner, the anti social child.
It was a little difficult growing up; I knew I couldn’t really talk about the voices I was hearing, or the unusual things I saw. I could just about get away with talking about the spirits I saw that was put down to my having an overactive imagination.

It is wonderful that many of the young Indigo children we are hearing about today have such tuned in parents. Being aware of their children’s gifts enables them to nurture and encourage their child, so that the child may easily achieve their potential, and have their voice heard. I often wonder how things would have turned out for me, if my parents had been aware of the extent of my gifts. On the other hand, I chose my parents for a very specific reason. If they had had a better understanding of who I was and what I was experiencing, perhaps I would never have learnt some of the valuable lessons I was supposed to have learnt, which makes me who I am today.

I smile when I see some people use the Indigo label, in an attempt to validate their psychicness, almost like it is something that can also be added to a reader’s CV in order to give more credibility. I am very aware that there are many, many authentic Indigo Psychics out there; I am one of them - until a higher purpose presents itself to me. As with many things in life, it seems that the Indigo label is something desirable to wear; something that will make people think they are connecting with the real thing; as if a reading will be judged far more accurate for having being given by someone calling themselves an Indigo Child.

I guess that until we all become proficient aura watchers, we never really will be able to tell the real Indigos from the wannabees. It doesn’t really matter all that much; I have always struggled with my sense of self, and the thought that people might want to be like me, with all the dysfunctionality and oddness that entails, amazes me, and makes me smile.

After all said and done, I consider myself a very fortunate individual. I have had an amazing journey up until now, and have learnt some incredible lessons along the way.

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Apr 08, 2008
Empathy all the way........
by: Anonymous

...........and back again

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