The Indigo Purpose

by Idis
(Pula, Croatia)

Hello everyone, let's start with the introductions. I'm an almost 18-year-old Indigo child born in Italy and living in Croatia. I'm just finishing high school and trying to decide my future. It is a conflict between choosing a professional career as a electro-technical engineer or some sort of a philosophy, metaphysics, magic, psychic abilities and just train with it trying to reach the peek, which I suppose it's the connection with nature around you. I've tried it, and I've made it. Use the energy of Mother Nature herself, and use it as your own without using up any of yours. The biggest success I had was synchronization with environment. I was just sitting by a small river, meditating, listening to the voice of the wind, the flow of water and the silence of the earth beneath me, and then it just hit me. I could see something which is usually invisible to the human eye, a flow of energy. I couldn't differ the usual colors of green grass sky-clear blue water or the gray rocks. There was just darkness and greenish blue lights. I still could still everything around me, but the living things were radiating these lights and auras. It lasted for about ten seconds, just until I blinked again. When it got back to normal, I could see several fish trying to reach me swimming towards me, a pair birds closing on me and then landing besides me. It was strange, the wind had stopped. I stood up and left. Later on I tried it again, on other places. I discovered that I could see people's auras, auras of every living creature yet it's difficult for me to do it and quite exhausting. Three times I collapsed from exhaustion. But with training I'll try to perfect it. Is it just a gift of mine or can anyone else do it? I don't know. Contact me, We'll talk.

The next interesting thing is unnatural. I have managed to create a small surge of static electricity on the surface of the palms of my hands. Whatever technical stuff I'd touch with that surge would just stop working. I believe we, the Indigo People of this world can use the elements to our advantages and learn how to manipulate them and create them form nothing. If I could have created an electrical surge as an element of lightning and a extreme heat of my finger as an element of fire, anyone can. I don't like to believe that I am special, or different from any other human being on this planet. If I can do it, you can do it. You just have to keep trying. I hope you will try and I hope I will meet as much of my brothers and sisters by origin as possible. Remember this: We are not Earthlings.

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