Are The Spiritual Adventures
Of A Lifetime In Your Bucket List?

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For the spiritual adventures of a lifetime you can read my Psi-Geographic Guide to the most metaphysically magnificent places on Earth. Enlightenment may not come and tap you on the shoulder. You must want it, seek it, and embark upon your soul’s journey.

Traveling to metaphysical locations has opened the path to spiritual enlightenment since ancient days. So, what is the Big IT millions of people have found in the spiritual adventures to these mystical places anyway?

The Psi-Geographic Guide to The Spiritual Adventures of This Lifetime

Very simply, the powerful energies of metaphysical spots heighten our energy, which enhances our awareness and accelerates our vibrations. The higher our vibrations, the closer we come to spiritual enlightenment.

What's To Be Found In The Spiritual Adventures Bucket List?

Energy of Vortexes

Vortex energy is a fabulous example of IT. Electrical, magnetic or balanced vortexes are located where ley lines intersect, which releases cosmic energies from the earth.

An electrical vortex gives off yang (masculine) highly-charged energies. You may soon become saturated. Good ways to use up excess energy is by spinning, dancing or shouting your declarations to the universe.

The magnetic vortex radiates nurturing, yin (feminine) energy. Sit with the quiet energy and meditate or contemplate.

A balanced vortex exudes and balances yin and yang energies. Here is a place to ask your burning questions about life, to embrace the concept of oneness and accept understandings beyond mind.

Where are the Earth's vortexes?

  • There are vortexes to be found all over planet earth. The Earth's energy centers are like human chakras only on a huge scale. Here is a list of some of the better known vortexes on Earth: Sedona AZ USA, Mount Shasta CA USA, Glastonbury UK, Machu Picchu Peru, Lake Titicaca Peru/Bolivia, Great Pyramid Egypt, Uluru Australia, Hawaiian Islands USA, Easter Island Chile, Magnetic Island QLD Australia.

Energy of Beauty

If one common denominator exists among metaphysical locations it is beauty of the place. The energy of beauty is subtle and soft. Natural beauty stirs the soul awake and inspires creativity.

Metaphysical locations are rich with great beauty, from nature’s pristine landscapes of mountains, huge rocks and sacred earth to ancient man-made architecture, such as temples, abbeys, shrines or monuments. Billions of people travel to beautiful places to pursue enlightenment, seek healing and feel closer to Spirit.

Energy of Walking

Nobody can walk your soul’s journey. You must walk it by yourself. Walk a path with heart. Leave your footprints alongside those of the ancients. A long walk clears the cobwebs in your mind and creates a vacuum for the Universe to fill with enlightened consciousness.

Walk an ancient labyrinth. Walk in circles (crop circles), which have mysteriously appeared on the same paths of energy as metaphysical sites. People have reportedly been healed of physical conditions in crop circles. Others have experienced altered states of awareness.

Energy of Vision Quest

You know instant pudding, don’t you? Have you ever wished for instant enlightenment? Taking your vision quest in a metaphysical location is close enough to count.

The vision quest is a journey to transformation and enlightenment. Special energies in Earth’s power spots and sacred sites, can be seen as portals to other dimensions and the vortexes can enhance enlightenment and your psychic development.  

A vision quest is your heart-centered connection with the Earth; a soul journey into the unknown!

Energy of Presence

Traveling to spellbindingly energetic locations can land you in the presence of the Big IT. While Spirit is everywhere, sacred sites contain the most transcendent energy on Earth.

Just unplugging from your crazy-busy, daily life allows the luxury of wu wei. Translated from Chinese, wu wei is“ non-doing”. Non-doing is being.

Just being in the presence of IT opens your soul’s greater understanding present self, past lives and spiritual enlightenment. 

The Spiritual Adventures of Pilgrimage and Mystic Travel 

Mystic travel? It's easy if you follow the energy.

No matter our spiritual background and system of beliefs we may (or may not) adhere to, it is next to impossible to imagine a person who has not heard of Hajj (pilgrimage) to the city of Mecca. The same applies to the Marian apparitions in the French town of Lourdes which inspired millions of Catholics to visit the spot and look for enlightenment, healing, comfort, or perhaps a solution to a serious problem. Examples such as these are countless and have been around since time immemorial. Sites of millennia-old prophecies (the Ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi comes to mind) as well as lesser known (or perhaps completely forgotten) sacred groves or springs are still a theme familiar to all.

While a lot of people may doubt their mystical powers, many will attest to their very special atmosphere. A certain energy may still be felt, one that is next to impossible to describe yet is sensed so deeply, making it difficult to ignore the spiritual adventures of mystic travel. This is particularly true of long-abandoned sites that by now only interest an archaeology enthusiast or a more adventurous tourist. In silence and seclusion, they emanate a certain energy which speaks of their divine significance from times long gone. Often belonging to vastly different schools of spiritual practice, they share the common trait of affecting nearly anyone present. How is that so?

One obvious answer that every believer will cling to is the divine intervention that has somehow made the spiritual adventures to these spots holy and sacred, giving special healing or other such properties. While this may be plausible to a certain extent, another interpretation arises. If action from above is not behind the whole story, is it possible that the mystical nature of these sites came about in the exact opposite manner - from the pilgrims and the believers themselves? Their deep belief, earnest intention and spiritual fervor may have created what is known as a thought-form, an emanation or manifestation brought about through spiritual or mental powers. Being a collective effort, so to speak, it can by default be considered stronger and more potent. If the primary intention of a certain spot is that of healing, the sharply focused prayer or mystical intention of a large group of people can theoretically create an emanation of itself and actually start exhibiting expected properties of (in said case) healing. Instead of a divine one, it may be an (un)intentional human intervention that produces the positive effect and the heightened energy present at these "holy" sites. The accumulated energy thus serves its purpose and occasionally brings about results.

With that in mind, one is left to wonder how much good we humans would be able to achieve if we would intentionally direct all our positive energies into spreading peace and love all around.

What are the most spiritual places on earth?

Some of the most metaphysically magnificent and spiritual places on Earth are: Sedona in Arizona USA, Mount Shasta in California USA, Glastonbury Tor in Somerset UK, Machu Picchu in Peru, Lake Titicaca half in Peru and half in Bolivia, The Great Pyramid in Egypt, Uluru in the Northern Territory of  Australia, The Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean and are a state or the USA, Easter Island in Polynesia and is a remote territory of Chile, Magnetic Island in North Queensland Australia.

Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona Is Ideal For Spiritual Adventures

Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona Is Ideal For Spiritual Adventures
My own spiritual adventure to Metaphysically Magnificent Sedona was in 1996. I loved the place so much it gets first listing in Psi-Geographic. Located Arizona USA it is about a two hour drive north from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Learn more > >

Mount Shasta Vortex Adventures Have Secrets To Be Found

Mount Shasta Vortex Adventures Have Secrets To Be Found
Have you looked into the Mount Shasta vortex mysteries? This is a main attraction for enlightened beings seeking Lemurian gateways and the dimensional portals to Agharta. Your spiritual adventure will surely have esoteric secrets to be found. Learn more > >

The 4 Metaphysically Magical Glastonbury Sites Not To Miss

The 4 Metaphysically Magical Glastonbury Sites Not To Miss
The 4 sites not to miss in Glastonbury are the electrical vortexes that balance each one of our upper body chakras. Abbey Ruins for the Heart Chakra. Wearyall Hill for the Throat Chakra. The Chalice Well for the Third Eye Chakra. The Tor for the Crown Chakra. Learn more > >

This Is The New Age Machu Picchu Of Out On A Limb Fame

This Is The New Age Machu Picchu Of Out On A Limb Fame
I first became aware of mystical Machu Picchu when watching the dramatization of Shirley Maclaine's bestselling book, ‘Out on a Limb’ back in the 1980's. This was her account of the spiritual adventure that led to her amazing astral travel experience in Peru. Learn more > >

Is The Legend Of Lake Titicaca A Gateway To The Gods?

Is The Legend Of Lake Titicaca A Gateway To The Gods?
A legend of Lake Titicaca refers to the ancient sites that surround it as ‘Gateways to the Gods’. Maybe the powerful vortex energy that pops in the atmosphere here snaps open your soul to let in divine light of understanding. Learn more > >

What Is The Mystic Power Of The Great Pyramid?

What Is The Mystic Power Of The Great Pyramid?
This mystical power source resonates across three sacred sites. Two mountains, made by Mother Nature, and one pyramid, handcrafted by the ancients, this vortex is the only one of the Earth Chakras that doesn’t subsist on a ley line. Learn more > >

Why Spiritual Magical Uluru Is The Sacred Rock Of The Dreaming

Why Spiritual Magical Uluru Is The Sacred Rock Of The Dreaming
Located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Uluru is the sacred rock of the dreaming and has a powerful vortex to help you know yourself and regain your personal empowerment. This is the largest remote rock on Earth, and it resonates with our Solar Plexus Chakra. Learn more > >

How To Get To The Hawaiian Chakra System’s Magic Energy

How To Get To The Hawaiian Chakra System’s Magic Energy
While on the spiritual adventure if you travel to each island you will find its unique energy mirrors one of your own power centers. And getting the system’s magic energy resonating with your own life force can open higher levels of consciousness. Learn more > >

Discover Easter Island Mysteries

Discover Easter Island Mysteries On Your Next Spiritual Adventure
The deepest of the mysteries is the humongous, rounded boulder, called “Navel of the World”, from which “all life sprang”. Gathering vital energy lines of the Earth, Navel Rock is said to be the secret-keeper of the universe. Learn more > >

My Own Mystic Journey Began On Magnetic Island

How My Own Mystic Journey Began On Magnetic Island
I am often asked how I became "The Psychic Junkie".  It was a moment that changed my life. I was living on Magnetic Island, a tropical island in the far north of Queensland in Australia. Here’s how the spiritual adventure and psychic development began for me. Learn more > >

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Transforming Your Awareness with Shamanic Power

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