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Told I'm Indigo

by Emma

As a child I used to have a recurring dream about my late Great-Grandmother (who passed away a month before I was born). I would dream that she was at the top of a dark staircase and I was floating up the stairs towards her, although I never got past half way. Later as an adult I read that dreaming of flying or levitating was a sign of psychic ability.

I have sporadically attended spiritualist churches from the age of about 15, and have been told by several different people that I have the gift of healing and psychometry. I have always felt that I had a gift or purpose, but have never been sure what exactly it is I should do with it!

Earlier on this year (at the age of 28)I was told at a psychic reading that I am an Indigo child. The medium had welled up with tears and told me that it was a beautiful thing to see. I have singe tried to find out more about Indigo children and the Age of Aquarius via the internet, but haven't had much joy, although I don't really know what it is I'm looking for, only that I haven't found it yet! I want to use and develop my gifts and want to know how best to do this. I also want someone to explain to me what being Indigo means.

As an aside, I feel that I should mention that I often experience intense emotions in colours, and link colours with thoughts and experiences, especially when I'm tired, or in that place just in between being awake and asleep, and wonder whether this has anything to do with being Indigo. This is something that has become a lot more intense recently.

Any information, help, or discussion is welcomed gratefully.

Emma x

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