Tonya Somers

by Linda Lee

I have been talking to Tonya Somers for over 30 years now she is like family now and we do not make major decisions without her input. We didn't even sell any of our multi million dollar businesses without contacting her first.

Call her read her website this woman knows much about everything!

Tonya Somers website is: and she also sells healing gems at

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I love Tonya!
by: Susan B.

Tonya has been a very important part of my life. I am most grateful for the time that I had had 2 miscarriages and the doctors were telling me to give up trying to have another child. During my reading with Tonya, she told me that I was not too old to have another child and that I would, indeed, have that child and she would be a normal girl.

This information from Tonya gave me the courage to find another doctor who would work with me. Sure enough, against several doctors' predictions, I did get pregnant again, and this time it was a normal, healthy beautiful girl!

During my deepest depression, Tonya could see a wonderful way out, and her information guided me how to move on and finally have my daughter, even when the doctors thought it wasn't possible.

Thank you, Tonya!!!

She is great and so are her gems.
by: Anonymous

Am I really okay?
By morethangems
In the last few days, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ended, leaving most of us greeting our normal routine once again. With the void of the holiday excitement, we find ourselves with uninterrupted time to do an in-depth reflection on our own individual life. In a language understood by all women, it is now time for ?me.? This is the not the same type of self-analysis that we experience on a New Year?s Eve or the day that follows. This is an in-depth quest for answers and guidance to a question that plaques the mind of women day after day, ?Am I really okay??

During one of the final days of 2009, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tonya Somers, a world-known and well-received clairvoyant, entrepreneur and owner of In her own personal reflection of 2009, Somers revealed that many of her clients had become so overwhelmed with anxiety that both emotional and physical symptoms had occurred. She interjected that while it is important that individuals acknowledge both their emotional and physical pain, ?Individuals must learn to take ownership of their health. With ownership of anything, comes responsibility. For instance, if you own an automobile, you must take care of it. In order for it to work properly, you must perform routine maintenance. The same thing is true for both our physical and emotional health. In order to embrace the year 2010 and all that it has to offer, individuals must be diligent and concentrate on these areas.?

Because of the entanglements Somers saw her clients wrestling with, she wanted to provide a means for her clients, as well as others, to have physical and emotional empowerment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Because of her passion and dedication to others, she formed, a site that offers beautiful healing gems centered in exquisite jewelry pieces. Although gem sites are common, Somers? site adds a non-tangible gift with ever purchase that is as unique and personal as Somers herself. ?I wanted to provide a site in which people could purchase beautiful yet affordable healing gem pieces. For the past thirty years, I have incorporated gems as an integral part of the work that I do. Healing gems have the ability to calm down the mind thus opening the doors for things people seek such as love, money and good health. Gems have a sterling reputation for creating positive energy. Something that we all need,? said Somers. ?The gems that I offer are one of a kind. I purchase them exclusively from one source and never more than ten at a time.?

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