Twenty Year Old Indigo

by Angela
(Naples Florida)

Gotta keep an angel at my side

Gotta keep an angel at my side

I am an indigo. I am 20 years old. When I was about 16 my psychology teacher gave me a book about the indigo child (which my mom threw away). I have always been very empathetic and spiritual. A woman who did a dna activation on me told me I am indigo. So much has happened these past three years and I actually just got out of jail... I was in a crisis unit for two months, rehab for one month, jail for four and then a homeless shelter for two. But now I am at my mom’s house again.

I have always been into the metaphysical/spiritual realm (my whole life)... I have seen my friend who passed away many times in dreams and felt her presence a few months after she died. And then I was sent to a crisis unit for a week after talking about it. I have been told I’m a medium, and I’m very empathetic. I was diagnosed bipolar. I noticed that at times I have felt blocked and blank. This randomly happened a few times in my life and I am not sure why.

I like connecting with people on a spiritual level, and my family does not exactly understand me... I feel like I have been through a lot (as most of us have) and seen a lot at a young age. I always did well in school up until college where I proceeded to drink every night for 7 months. I have now been sober since March 25th. I am looking to meet other indigos.

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Apr 13, 2015
Please contact me
by: Anonymous

Hello, my name is Vincent Arthur Bohn, but I go by Vinny Whoo. I am 20 years old, and I've known my whole life I was different. Just today I heard about Indigo Children, and I believe I have some relation to that. I have multiple gifts, and Indigo Children are the only beings that would be comparable to myself and my energy. Please contact me at I was born on July 22nd, 1994. I am a hip hop artist, photographer, graphic designer, director, and cinematographer. Those are my talents, not my gifts. I will talk to you at a later date, thank you.

Apr 16, 2012
I may have answers. Try me.
by: SEAN

Hola, I'm writing from Spain. If you are sensitive you will probably have problems working in large groups of people. You will have too many distractions to concentrate on your own work. This is because you are picking up on everyone's feelings and moods at the same time. This is why Indigos do badly in school. You may feel uncomfortable with people in general and that's normal because you need to connect with them at a higher level. I mean that your antena will perceive what people are like inside without having to say much. You don't need to talk about the weather! 90% of teens with problems think they could be indigo. You will only know if you are for real with time and patience. You are not a god or a witch! Most likely you will have more problems than a lot of people until you find other indigos. It took me 40 years to figure it all out. Let me know if I can help. The most important thing for you to know now is that you must start to find a quiet place and learn some basic meditation skills. If you don't you will have trouble with most aspects of normal life. Un abrazo.

Apr 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi I would be glad if you add me to my msn if you want of course: gabrielrp89 @ I?m like you two and I feel it's important to talk with you, coincidence does not exist and I suddenly found your comments.

I?m 20

Love and light to you and have a nice day too.

Feb 07, 2010
by: Sophie

Hey, I want to send my love out to you :) I am an Indigo, age 22, and am interested in communicating with other indigos! It is hard being so sensitive, I feel alone and misunderstood all the time. I am also interested in metaphysics and am starting college for it. Feel free to email me and talk if you want... infpgirl87 @

Jul 04, 2009
"Bipolar or just sensative"?
by: Anonymous

Hey there.
Thanks for sharing that. I am an indigo too. I'm at college also, Irish, 19 yrs. Here is my story:

Several months ago I was at counseling where my counselor was going to refer me to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed with add and bipolar. I refused, or actually said 'not at the moment', only because I had recently done a reiki course where I was told I was an indigo. I am still a bit lost and confused right now but being an indigo I am hopeful. I love the quote from lord of the rings "...if you don't find a way, no one will!"

Sometimes I wondered if its not just a case of me being ok in a mad world. I am interested to know about your DNA activation. how was it, what did you notice change. I seen it on various websites but Ireland isn't up to speed with the whole spirituality thing or indigos. I feel very lonely because I don't know any indigos and my friends don't understand me so I won't even mention this to them. My subject line is from Jan and Carol's new book: Indigo 10 years on.

Everyone I know my age is only interested in petty stuff. nobody seems spiritual or interested in the universe and life etc. people are so career and goal driven. I don't get that. Also money, I just will never understand.

I feel this compelling feeling that I must figure things out on my own, yet I continue to look outside for solutions... Can anyone identify with this?

I guess the thing I am most confused about and it seems like a recurring theme on this site among indigos: 'What am I suppose to do?'

Perhaps we can write (vmatthewg [AT] gmail [.] com), I'm interested to hear your thoughts, and anyone else's who is reading this.

Have a nice day,

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