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Ultra Empathic Indigo

by Melissa
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I'm an Indigo child. I have known this for about 6 years when my psychic told me. Suddenly there were parts of my personality that made sense. I'm ultra empathic, and very emotional. I have dreams of me in places I don't recognize. Weeks, months or even years later I will be in that place and something in me clicks. I'm easily agitated and I never did well in school because it bored me. I was never diagnosed with any learning disabilities (there was no ADHD when I was young) but looking back I totally get it. I'm no special person or magic but at 18 I adopted Wicca because it spoke to me. I'm fascinated by the spirits and ghosts, unexplained or mythological. I believe in almost anything.

So that's me.

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May 01, 2010
Same here
by: Kevin

Hey, I haven't always known I was indigo but did know I was quite different from everybody else I knew. I only found out a few weeks ago, now everything is starting to click together and make sense. I'm looking to meat some other indigo people in my area but I don't even know where to look. I see your in Vancouver, if you know of anybody on the Island who is also indigo I would love to hear from them or you or both! I'm in Victoria so it's not too far away. If you feel like chatting or can introduce me to some more local indigos my email is. ktc_17 @ (spaces are there to block spammers).

Victoria B.C.

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