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Unbroken Indigo

by Mary Adams
(Gaithersburg Maryland)

All my life I was searching for who I was. I also was researching religions because I knew not one religion sounded right. Since the age of 13 I had been taking notes on everything spiritual I could. Everything I did in the past makes sense now. For a long time I knew my life was going to begin or end at 30 on 1/30/12.

I turned 30 and was baptized on 2/5/12 and ever since then I've been like a magnet for information. I went in the water and came out different. I probably sound crazy but I know my reason for being here. I know the truth about how so many people like me are coming into my life trying to keep me motivated.

On my path I have fewer needs because for once I understand why I'm so emotional and I understand that I'm not broken I'm not bi polar nor do I have ADD PTSD anxiety or many of the things I was told I had for so long.

Now I'm working more with counseling than medication. I'm thinking twice about medicating my kids and more of nurturing their creativity.

The million and one thoughts racing makes sense but there is still so much I don't quite understand and could use advice about.

I have a twitter my name on there is @projectmary82

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