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Unsure Indigo

by Edward
(Ireland, Dublin, Balbriggan)

Hi all, as the title suggests I’m not sure if I’m an indigo adult. I have seen ghosts very clearly (just look like you or me but different) never been frightened by them (although a few have tried) I have always just accepted them. It doesn't happen all of the time I think they choose to appear. One asked me for help and I knew to ask a spiritual friend of mine (who I have lost contact with). She told me that the spirit appeared to me because I knew them from a former life and that it was hiding its true appearance from me because I would know who they were (it’s hard to explain). Any way she told me the spirits former life story and that she had sent them towards the light.

I have been in bars and a spirit will come and stand beside me and just look at me, weird. I know certain things without knowing how. As of lately I think that I absorb people’s energy. It’s hard to explain but angry people are less angry when I’m with them, that sort of thing.

Anyway I experience a lot of stuff like that, things I don't talk to people about. I also have a strong feeling that something always wants me to fail, if that makes any sense. I always feel watched. Lots of things like that.

Anyway thanks for all your replies, if any.

Bye for now and take care.


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