Unused Indigo Ability

by Col

I just know things I can't explain, I don't even know what to do with it... it used to be useful as I’d know when to turn the radio on if a song I liked was playing or if the bus was worth waiting for as I could feel that it was on or gone etc.

I can tell what the present is even if I’m not privy to its recent history.. I can walk into a room and know who was the last one in or if something’s missing if I’m interested in something or know someone I’m naturally attracted to, things or places associated with it or them...

I’ll take a wrong turn whilst driving and find a mate broken down by the side of the road or someone I know carrying heavy bags etc. or I’ll find a shop selling what I want or someone I know wants!

It’s weird but it keeps on happening. I used to think it was just a fluke/good luck etc.

I’m 47 and still haven't learned to use it!

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