White Witch Indigo Adult

by Waterdragon
(United states)

Born 2-2-1964 as a female, seventh child, born to my father who at my birth was 56. My mother was 39. A normal delivery, but immediately my family was jealous of me or something, some members not even touching me at first. Odd!! Then my mom has told me I only slept 15min at naps and silence was must in the house.

I was happy and very energetic which in school caused problems. The lessons and teachers bored me terribly. In sixth grade the teachers met with my parents and informed them of my behavior. They thought I was gifted at first, but I could never test well enough for proof even though other signs were there. I could and still can write with both hands at the same time, disrupted the class daily and the teachers made me write off and gave me paddlings until they didn't work anymore.

I was always and still am three steps ahead. To me everyone else moved like "turtles". The problem was not me I thought, but them. The school ordered me medicated or I could not return. Yes, you are hearing from one of the very first Attention Deficit kids. Actually, "my clinical diagnosis is a hyperactive disorder" because I am very organized.

I stay in hiding mostly for fear of the rejections so speaking out is something I am getting used too. From grade school the teen years were no better, I was always called different with no understanding why I was angry with people and all the odd feelings I had.

By this time so many medications were pumped into my body I was a wreck. My body always tried to override the meds, and that confused the doctors more, so they just played with my brain. I will never forgive the doctors for that! They treat us as if we are animals to experiment with. I was a wreck.

I could always sense people's emotions, but never understood what was happening. I can't tolerate a liar and am still trying to understand that I am in all the characteristics of an Indigo. The doctors never gave me this term.

I got so disgusted with the meds I began to self-medicate. That was the best actually and I feel I owe that to my excellent health today. It was said I would die in my 40's that my body couldn't handle the stress my hyperactivity would put on it.

I am actually very healthy and have not taken meds for over 15 years "thank goodness". I had to teach myself how to survive the doctors had no clue back then.

I have Jamaican friends that call me a "white witch". I have to be careful what I speak because it happens... I must use my gift for good too because I am very aware that evil is just as strong in me. That must be the warrior. Even priests have termed me a warrior, but I never knew the term Indigo till recent.

I have been called many names and have never been successful in a relationship despite trying several times. I don't get hurt anymore because I have accepted I have healing gifts and work in that arena today as an adult. I still get hurt when people lie to my face and think I don't know they are lying. That's painful still. I want everyone to be just as I see them no hidden agendas, but most do, sorry to say.

I have always known I was meant to do something big in life, but as of this writing had no idea what it is. I will say I am evolving into something, doesn't seem to be a crystal or rainbow. Not sure, but I have decided to take a year off from work as something is pulling me in a certain direction and I can't seem to stop it. I am hoping this will help me since I was growing sick from stress, etc.

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