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Why We Are Here

by Deb

I had always felt that I didn't belong here. There were times that I would cry out loud "I want to go home, why did you send me here?"

After I discovered that I was an Indigo Child and had grown up to be an Indigo Adult, I read an article explaining that I hadn't been sent here at all. I had volunteered to come to earth as a lightworker to assist the people of the earth during the upcoming transitions.

I don't know how many of you have studied 2012 and the Mayans Prophesies. For the earth to endure these galactic changes the people of the earth must change their ways. They must stop focusing on their materialistic ways and start giving back to the earth. In conjunction with that they must love one another and learn to live in peace and harmony.

I believe this is where we come in. We are here to teach the people of the earth Peace, Love and Understanding and help them prepare for the 4rth and 5th dimensional levels, as the earth has been in the 3rd dimension for 26,000 years.

I too have felt the same isolation from others my entire life. I can talk to a perfect stranger at a Walmart store for an hour, but I have never been comfortable building close relationships to people. I have been hurt deeply by the people I have let into my life. But, I realize now that I must let all that go and even forgive my enemies because I have a job to do.

Many of us don't know where to start, but it's really quite easy. Getting in the habit of smiling at everyone in passing is wonderful way to start. I have actually had perfect strangers come up and give me a hug just because I gave them a simple smile.

The people of the earth have a very rough road ahead and things are about to speed up very quickly. Pay attention to all of the earthquakes, volcanic activity and floods that have already occurred throughout the world this year and it is only the 12th day of 2010. I just found out less than 10 minutes ago that there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. They just had a 6.5 In California a few days ago.

It is especially important that we take care of ourselves physically and that we focus on meditation and prayer. This will enable us to stay in tune with our spirit guides as they help us to fulfill our duties. We will know what to do when the time comes because we have been prepared for this. We didn't figure out that we are Indigo by accident. We had to go through events in our earthly lives, some of which were extremely painful, before we discovered who we are. We then had to go through a lot of thought processing to discover why and what our purpose is.

Giving each other moral support and fellowship is a big plus. No one on earth understands us more than we understand each other. We are Indigo brothers and sisters.

Peace, Love and Understanding my Fellow Lightworkers,

Deb (debinlakecity @

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Sep 22, 2011
any advice
by: Anonymous


I am a 23 year old indigo woman I was in a relationshi with another indigo at the age of 17 he was murderd..which I believe was a sacrifice, there were so many things that happened before this which really showed me who I was. Dealing with this has really effected me I find it very hard to trust people or let people in as I am scared of losing them or them betraying me, which is usually the case. I dreamt of my boyfriends funeral weeks before he died. I told him I did and he said he knows he is going but will always bethere to protect me. He was a very strong indigo a fighter he produced beautiful music and had the most deepest eyes and loudest laugh! He was such a moving person his energy and spirit was very uplifting around family and friends..I have had many dramatic experiances like this in life..this is just one of many! As you know yourself!I have met another indigo who explained to me that our purpose is to change the energy on earth to change humans actions and feelings towards one another. But why are. We put in such depressing and traumatic experiances before we undertand this? Are we being prepared for some kind of battle? I am soo strong due to all the things I have been through, and I have to admit if I had not have seen and fealt certain things I would not have any hope!

Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I too have felt that by peace, love, and understanding is the way to go, or begin. Ive been on a tough journey of self discovery and enlightenment. Forgiving others have been one of my toughest one. But I feel that this is only the beginning and I feel proud to be apart of this. I am a seer. Ive seen many troubling times ahead in my dreams. My dreams started 10 years ago just before 911 my first dream was about a horrible war right here at home. Since then Ive had dreams about disease, a fast rolling cloud of smoke, floods, and of course earthquakes. In all of those dreams, it was chaos, and world wide knowledge that the world was coming to an end. Only until about 2007 did people start talking about the end. I could not get my message out to people because of their fear of the unknown, and not many people wanted to know. I'm sure you know of what I speak of. However, I too believe that we indigos are here for a reason! I thank God for the opportunity to help with this revelation! I am soo glad too meet others like myself, so that we too can get the help and inspiration from one another;) Thankyou, and god bless.

Jan 21, 2010
by: Rowan


I agree with you.

And, for some reason, I feel that the earth is sort of a "learning planet." I feel there are other places...that are much more evolved. But, most likely have their difficulties and challenges, as well.

A few years ago, I started feeling, the earth, people, time, everything, etc. actually
moving faster on several levels.

It is up to us.....the light workers, etc. to help ourselves and others to learn and grow.

Intention is everything.

With gratitude and light, Rowan

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