Withdrawn Indigo

by Heidi
(Sacramento, CA)

Being spiritual never crossed my mind at a young age, it wasn't until now that I realized that I am an indigo. I never played during recess (my elementary years) I was scared and would much rather stay detached from others because it was much easier that way. I am 21 years old now, and I struggle with opening up. In my mind, I know the truth about pretty much anything my mind can pick up on; however, I remain silent by not intervening anything. I love being an indigo because I know that I can make this world better, just by being in it.

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Mar 26, 2010
I'm an Indigo child
by: Nicole

I?ve always had a sixth sense and been able to see certain spirits. For some reason it comes and goes over the years. Why, I don?t know. I?ve felt and have been told I?m to wise for my age as if I?m an old spirit.

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