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Yona Farrell

by Very Satisfied Customer

If you want a truthful reading, not just something you want to hear you will go to Yona. She's like $75 for 55 minutes even though she will go over if it's necessary and if she has time to do so.

Search forums and everyone will say what I am saying, she is also more ethical than you could imagine. If she doesn't connect with you she will refund your money or reschedule for another time.

Also, if you read the comments on multiple forums you will see she is MUCH better and MORE predictions/events will come to pass if you ask for a general reading rather than asking her certain questions. She tells you the cards will show you and the spirits will tell you what is important and what is coming.

Also, if you have a reading with her then come back too soon she will turn you away, generally she makes you wait a minimum of 3 months between readings. There may be another reader(s) who are as ethical but I cannot imagine anyone being MORE ethical. Get the 55 minute Tarot & Crystal Ball reading. She uses both of them and for those you like "no tools" readers, she is also very clairvoyant. The tools are for more clarity on certain matters.

After trying Yona I really have no other reason to see another Psychic or Tarot reader since everything has come to pass except the certain few things that haven't had time to manifest yet since they are further in the future. You don't have to try her but you should. You can try her 30 minute Tarot reading but you will get the best results from her 55 minute Tarot and Crystal reading. If you don't have $75 but REALLY want an accurate, true, ethical reading then you really should save up. You pay, she'll email you within 1-2 days and you set up your date and time.

We've ALL heard "some readers don't connect with some customers" but you never get refunded. If she cannot she will try very hard, then refund you and reschedule you. Some say they don't connect as way of making you think it was you but keeping the money. She doesn't. Also, you won't have to worry about that being said as RARELY have I heard anyone say nothing came to pass from Yona. I could write a few pages about Yona and I could write even more about the scams we are told by Psychics as to why nothing came to pass, well you won't have to worry about any of that crap with her. If she's not connecting with you she will refund you right away.

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by: Anonymous

She is a real and ethical reader, far above most of the chat line psychics. But shes not perfect either.

I find that she repeats herself a lot in readings, like she will see one thing and keep on repeating it in different words. She can't always interpret what the cards are saying, so its not always a smooth reading. She can make accurate predictions though, but you may not know what her prediction meant until it happens. There is some cryptic element in her descriptions/predictions.

Contact details
by: Ian

Looks like this will be Yona's website:

A maze
by: Diana F.

Yona is a nice woman and has a gift. However, had a reading with her which she had to reschedule twice. She is doubtful about her own reading and very misguided as to the assessment of what it means. Trying to decipher which topic is is referring to is a job within itself.
The second reading I booked she got the time wrong, blamed me and refused to reschedule or refund the money. A few people I have referrred her to have also said the same thing. It's almost like she is going through a maze, extremely frustrating. Definitely would not schedule with her again, too confusing.
Out of a 45 minute reading she repeated herself constantly, provided information on romance that was totally outside of the realm of reality and Never happened, went around the block and back again. Not for my taste at all.

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