Astrological Compatibility Chart
For Best Friends And Lovers

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This astrological compatibility chart reveals your best friends and lovers for all zodiac signs. Imagine opening a door to finding who would be your greatest relationship matches. Refer to this list to know who your most compatibles would be.

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Turn to this astrological compatibility chart when:

  • You meet someone new and you want some insight into your compatibility.
  • Your relationship is going so good, you think it’s too good to be true, and you want some assurances.
  • You are getting married and you want a long term outlook.
  • You are going to make a speech at a wedding and you want a good theme.
  • You’re a single horoscope junkie and you want to find what star sign makes an ideal partner for you.
How to Compare Love on the Astrological Compatibility Chart.

Your Astrological Compatibility Chart Revelations

The greatest reason consult an expert about your astrological compatibility chart revelations is that you will have the intelligence in hand to improve all your relationships. Understanding why other people in your life act and react in different ways, prepares you to either change your actions and reactions or distance yourself from certain people.

Compatible Zodiac Signs Infographic

In love is a pretty great place to be…until the initial glow starts to fade. You begin to wonder if it is infatuation, sex or worst of all, deception on the other person’s part. Or, could it be Real Love?

A reading based on your astrological compatibility chart can provide the answers to questions about your present relationship. Suppose your relationship has progressed to the point, it is time to have The Talk. Except you have reservations about getting married right now. 

If overall compatibility does not exist in the relationship, chances are you won’t enjoy fulfillment or enduring happiness with each other.

Could be you are already married. You were certain this relationship was the real thing. But you are so alike, boredom has set in. Oppositely, you and your partner are so different, you’re constantly bickering.

All these are great reasons for getting an astrological compatibility chart consultation.

And what about couples who are mismatched from the get-go – the spender and saver, the messy and neatnik, the homebody and gadabout, and so on? Does this mean such a relationship is doomed to failure?

Absolutely not. It just means these dubious type matches may need compatibility charts more than most. If both partners are willing to do the work, a harmonious relationship can be attained. Never think it’s easy. But balance is attainable.

Our thoughts about compatibility usually turn to romantic relationships. Yet there are other relationships that could benefit from a compatibility check-up. For instance, parent-child dynamics can improve drastically from a compatibility chart. You will receive valuable insights that help you grow as a parent, while your children grow into amazing adults.

You can better understand conflicts with your child and explore ways to improve your communication.

Siblings are so connected some talk in a language only they can understand. But different interests, different friends and disagreements may infringe on your sibling bond to the point you are constantly squabbling. A compatibility reading with your astrologer helps you understand each other better.

Friendships are extra special because unlike family, we choose our friends. Compatibility charts for friends explore your relationship and evaluate possible resolutions in potential conflict areas. You’ll also learn what to expect from this friendship in the future.

What about business relationships? Wouldn't it be useful to know who would be the most compatible person to do business with? 

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