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Free horoscope and astrology predictions in the newspapers, or a personal chart prepared by an astrologer, or if you choose your own zodiac sign from the list of horoscopes below, my tips will help you get the most helpful information from your reports.

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If your free horoscope and astrology predictions say beware of business dealings on a certain day, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do anything. It just means you need to be extra cautious when doing business. 

Heeding what may be presented in your horoscope will be more important if it is created specifically for your date of birth, time of birth and birth location. It's more accurate, specific and geared only to you.

A personal astrology reading can improve self-awareness of your soul journey, life lessons and spiritual gifts. Your chart is the blueprint of your life. Your astrologer will determine where the planets were positioned and their connections with one another at the precise moment you were born. The exact hour of birth is essential, because it situates the position of the planets in one of the sectors in the sky. Astrologers refer to the planet’s position in the ‘houses’.

Free Horoscope And Astrology Predictions For All Signs

How To Get The Most Help From Free Horoscope And Astrology Predictions 

Your sun sign is only the essence of your personality and broad horoscopes focus on that.

  • The newspapers and online sites give free horoscope and astrology predictions based only on the sun sign, so it only tells part of the story. That doesn't mean the information isn't valid. It can be a good guide to follow if you have nothing else available and keep you posted of general trends to help you face good and bad time. It's very general because there are only 12 sun signs for the entire population of the earth, so it has it's limitations. To get more in depth, you need to have a complete astrological reading. You can improve your chances for a more accurate general horoscope if you know your rising/ascendant sign and read that one too.

For more information, without a personal horoscope reading, use both your rising and sun sign.

  • When you read your sun sign, you're reading about the true person you are. The rising or ascendant sign is about the person people think you are or the persona you show to the public. You may act like you're a care-free fun loving individual, but deep inside you're quite methodical and sensitive. Reading both gives a clearer picture of the potential changes you might experience that day. Following both gives information on your public and private life. That's information to use for your own happiness and success.

Even modern presidents and business people use astrology.

  • It's known that Nancy Reagan often changed meetings and events based on the forecast from her personal astrologer. She understood how the planetary influences could change the outcome of any meeting. Former British Prime Minister Tony and his wife Cherie Blair were well known for using astrology. Movie stars and heads of state have used this tool for their benefit. In fact, it is said that during WWII both sides used astrologers. If the predictions weren't valid, they wouldn't have continued to do so.

Astrology provides insight to both your own self and those around you.

  • Everyone thinks they know themselves and they probably do. What they don't do is admit to their flaws or acknowledge their strengths. Astrologer provides a greater insight to help you accept not only who you are but also how your life is affected by those around you.

An astrological reading can help you be more prepared.

  • A reading helps you to plan for sudden change and have resources available when it happens to take the most positive action. It helps end the indecision many people face and allows them to continue on a straighter route to success. It even helps you deal with others by letting you glimpse their personality.

Whether you have a personal horoscope prepared by an astrologer like me or just use the free horoscope and astrology predictions found below, you can get a wealth of information that will help you make the right type of decisions in life and be prepared when disaster comes your way.

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Know your future with a personal astrology reading of your chart.Free Horoscope And Astrology Predictions

How to know the future with a personal astrology prediction.

Unlike free horoscope and astrology predictions, a personal chart uses complicated mathematical calculations that pinpoint which part of the zodiac was in the uppermost sky at the time and date of your birth.  Without getting into intricate technicalities, an astrologer will generate a natal chart that spans your lifetime.

Next, they will advance the planets from your birth to the present date. One common technique in moving the planets is ‘transits’, which suggest mutual astrological effects of each person on a specific date. Transits are like life lessons. Recognizing them, when transits appear in our birth chart, presents an opportunity to make positive changes. Otherwise, the universe would continue testing us.

‘Secondary progressions’ are a valuable method that reveals the unique promises contained in your natal chart and the resulting astrology prediction can show how your life will unfold, according to influences of your birth.

Be mindful, that you were born with a unique set of personality traits, talents, natural aptitudes and skills you can develop. It is up to you to recognize and master those you resonate with.

Does astrology really tell your future?

To generate your forecast, your astrologer refers to your birth chart, transits and secondary progressions, taking into account the zodiac, houses, lunar influences, sun, planetary alignment and various miscellaneous factors. As a way of predicting your future an expert astrologer may determine that you have an upcoming propensity for an extended stretch of bad luck. So, you will be aware of signs to watch out for enabling you to make changes that will divert or eradicate the root cause of potential commiserations.

How reliable is astrology?

You’re likely familiar with signs of the zodiac from the free horoscope and astrology predictions in magazines, newspapers, and click-bait websites. Your sign is thought to define your personality traits. Just be mindful that daily horoscopes are general, whereas your natal chart is all about you. You will find this more reliable when produced and read for you by an astrologer.

In essence, your birth chart reflects a picture of your highest potential, your blueprint of life. It is also the big picture of how the universe looked at your birth moment. My astrology predictions are grounded in facts.

If you are serious about your soul journey, life lessons and spiritual gifts… If you are passionate about developing the awareness to evolve in consciousness… getting a quality astrology prediction based upon your chart is for you.

Author - Cristina Aguilar

Cristina Aguilar the Gypsy Raven

Cristina Aguilar (also known as Gypsy Raven)  is a folklorist, astrological adviser, expert Tarot reader and award-winning writer.

She studied folk magic and learned simple folk traditions from her grandmother who was a village psychic in southern Spain.

She is currently a five-star astrological reader with the Kasamba Psychic Network and author of three books:

  1. Gypsy Wisdom
  2. Ancient Magic for the Modern Witch
  3. See the Future! With Regular Playing Cards 

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