Boy Remembers Past Life Murder

by Ian

In the Golan Heights, an area of Syria that since 1981 is 2/3 annexed by Israel, there is a group of people (about 200,000) known as the Druse people. They are not Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Reincarnation is the foundation of their belief.

The Druse see birthmarks as a marker of the wounds that may have ended the past life.

This video shows the story of a 3 year old Druse boy who was born with a birthmark on his head.

This 3 year old boy was able to recall the village he lived in, the whereabouts of his past life's body, the axe that killed him four years earlier, and even the murderer. (The skeleton that was dug up revealed an axe mark to the head. It was exactly the same position as the boy's birthmark!)

The full story was witnessed and written up in the book From Doctor To Spiritual Healer by Dr. Eli Lasch

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