Bright Light Child

by Annon

When we lived in Alaska we rented an old house. That place, like all the others, was definitely haunted. Well one night I slept on the couch because we were running out of rooms. I woke up and saw these really tall figures that came into the small living room and started moving around like they were looking for something. I lay very still and breathed very slowly hoping they wouldn't notice me.

Every time they came close to me I would start to sweet. I got so hot that there were no doubts of the sudden temperature change, and when they would walk away I would cool off again. I was really scared; I was only about fifteen and hadn't started standing up to them yet. This went on for a few weeks until one night they found me and they all came towards me. I was terrified, but it happened so fast. I saw a flash of light at the foot of the couch, and in the light was a child. The child was there for a split second because that was all it took, and then they were gone.

The child was so beautiful. I am grateful for the experience. The tall demons never bothered me again.

You know something I find interesting is that most people whom I have heard talk about guardian angels say they are very big. So maybe we're small because we're God's children. I used to feel like a really tall white spirit was a part of me before I knew that. I wonder if those spirits were tall because they were fallen angels. Yet it only makes sense that a child should be an angel.

Just a thought. God bless.

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