Celebrity Psychic Cheri Mancuso

by Cheri Mancuso
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

Cheri Mancuso

Cheri Mancuso

Celebrity Psychic, Cheri Mancuso

My name is Cheri Mancuso. I have been psychic all of my life. I did not learn to accept my gift until I was forced to by circumstances that were beyond my control.

At first, I would blurt out a prediction for someone or something on rare occasions. When I successfully predicted my father’s death in 1970 I shut my psychic ability completely down. I felt responsible for his death because I accurately predicted exactly how he would die.

However, years later, when I had my own beauty salon in Rochester NY I would “read” my nail clients as I held their hands and did their nails. I did this for fun not knowing at first that much of what I told my clients was very accurate.

I moved from Rochester, NY to Los Angeles, CA (my favorite place in the whole world) around the time that Richard Ramirez, who was dubbed the “Night Stalker” by the newspapers, was killing people in their homes. I began to have nightmares at night the day before he struck a home. It drove me mad to see what he had done to his victims. I could not stop the nightmares from occurring! I thought that I was cursed by my psychic ability.

I was doing nails again in the San Fernando Valley for a wonderful woman named Vilia. She recognized my psychic ability as soon as I confided in her about the nightmares I was having. She talked me into calling the Los Angeles Police Department to report that I saw the Night Stalker going into a local department store that very day to buy a gun. The store was right down the street from where I was working at the time. What a mistake that was!

When I finished relating my nightmare to the police sergeant on the phone he replied sarcastically, “Oh, so all we have to do is go down right away to the Gemco store in Encino and pick up the Night Stalker as soon as he walks in, righhhht?”

Try as I might I could not convince him that I had seen many of the prior murders in my sleep before they occurred. He mocked me and treated me as if I were an addled child. It was humiliating. His words still sting me today when they play again in my head.

Vilia was a go-getter of a woman. She never took no for an answer. Regardless of what happened with the police she kept after me to develop my psychic ability.

“You can learn to control your psychic ability, Cheri.” she said over and over again, “I know a metaphysical teacher who can help you. Let me introduce you to him!”

I refused her offer many times but finally gave in just to shut her up about the subject. It was the best decision of my life. The metaphysical teacher became my mentor for 5 years. And I did learn to control my psychic ability as a result of studying under him.

To repay my teacher who had his own metaphysical center, I volunteered there as a reader once a week and donated my meager $5.00 fee per reading to the metaphysical center. Eventually, the lines for my readings grew way out of proportion. I never had time to see everyone in line. As a result, I decided that it was time I started my own Psychic Practice. That was over 35 years ago and I am still at it.

My experience with the police in the Night Stalker case prodded me to get law enforcement to recognize psychic ability as another tool to aid in solving crime. Because I was persistent, I was one of the first psychics in the LA area to go out with the police on investigations. And I have assisted in many homicide, missing children and missing persons cases over the past 30-odd years in the US and in other countries. Generally, I do this as a free service to law enforcement. I also assist the members of victim’s families in solving their cases or finding their loved ones.

I also branched out and used all of my psychic ability to assist people in many other areas. I am a clairvoyant, a clairsentient, a medium, a psychometrist, a Reiki healer and a transmedium. I use all of these talents when I perform readings for my client. This is a direct result of the education I received from my mentor teacher. I pay that forward by instructing others in the field of metaphysics and in the development of their individual psychic abilities.

Currently, I read and teach celebrities and people from all walks of life in my home in Sherman Oaks, CA. I do this in-person or by telephone, Skype and Google Hangouts.

The only thing that I do not do is predict death. Once was enough for me.

If you would like to know more about me, about what I do and have done in the past, to book a reading or contact me about another psychic service, please visit: CheriMancuso.com

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