How Do You Know You Have Clairsentient Abilities?

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People with strong clairsentient abilities have been dubbed ‘psychic sponges’ because they absorb everything in their milieu, from the energy of old buildings, objects, people, and entities from the spiritual world.

What is clairsentience?

  • Clairsentience is your intuition communicating with you kinesthetically. This psychic ability is the very foundation of the other ‘clairs’ – clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. The ability of clear sensing can be unexplained tingles in the neck and head or a sudden nauseous feeling when you meet someone new. 
What are clairsentient abilities?What are your clairsentient abilities?

What Are Clairsentient Abilities?

You can recognize your clairsentient psychic abilities just by becoming more aware of these subsets and then noticing when you experience them in your everyday life.

Empaths have strong clairsentient psychic abilities.

The whole world whispers its secrets to the clairsentient empath. Because the clairsentient feels or senses emotions of other people, they take on negative emotions and health challenges of their clients. Empaths must grasp methods of shielding their client’s feelings from their own. Otherwise, they can get physically ill with diseases, sore throats, migraines and so on.

Psychometry relies on clairsentient abilities.

Psychometry is another extra sensory perception that is intertwined with clairsentience. This is a highly developed sense of feeling or touch and ability to ‘read’ objects of people, living or dead. By tuning into the vibrational frequency of different objects such as watches, rings, broaches, etc. the psychic can pick up insightful content about the owner of the object. Psychometry is not easy to master. If you are an empathetic person, who cries in sad movies or buys things because they ‘call out to you’, you likely possess innate skills for clairsentience and psychometry.

Clairsentient abilities of precognition.

The precognitive aspect of ESP demonstrates as gut feelings, hunches, premonitions, etc. The psychic has an inner feeling that something will happen but doesn’t know the reason why. Premonitions are accompanied by physical sensations, such as a ‘lump’ in the throat when a potential trauma is intuited.

Clairsentient abilities of noticing fragrance.

Clairsalience was originally defined as the clairsentient ability to perceive smells of a paranormal nature. Example: smelling perfume your deceased mother wore when you are alone. Most likely her spirit is in your immediate vicinity.

Holistic healing clairsentient abilities.

Some clairsentients are seen as holistic psychics because they can do a total body scan by holding their hands about six inches away from your body and slowly scanning from head to foot. Any hot spots are reliable indicators something is going on in that area.

How do I develop clairsentient abilities?

How do I develop clairsentient abilities?

The practice of psychometry is a great way to develop your clairsentient psychic abilities.

Psychometry Exercise. 

Find a partner and find some items that have meaning to each of you. Swap an item (preferably jewelry that were previously owned by your ancestors). This allows you to practice psychometry, with the added benefit of comments from your partner on the correctness of the information you receive.

Find a quiet place where the two of you won’t be disturbed. It will help to start with a personal meditation to get into the right mindset. Take turns reading the object with your clairsentient abilities. Work with your objects simultaneously and discuss findings afterwards.

Sit with the quiet. Take the object in your non-dominant hand. Relax. Don’t try to see anything and don't try to guess anything. Just make yourself willing and ready to receive energies imprinted in the object. Let impressions pop into your mind as they will. Take notes of insights received during your experiments. Words and phrases that seem like jibber-jabber may be perfectly clear to your partner. And, so it is, you’re practicing to see through touch!

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