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Headaches, Visions, and Intuition

by KoolKoala

Headaches, Visions, and Intuition

Headaches, Visions, and Intuition

My story starts many years ago, I am a freshman in high school now, I have known that I was clairvoyant since I was 10 and my dad confirmed that we know for sure that as far back as my grandma have had psychic abilities.

Generally I have visions of really insignificant things such as salt spilling or seeing people, the weird part is that in my visions it seems that I physically am in the moment, sometimes I can even smell things in the visions.

Just over the summer I had my best friend over whom we will call Emily for the sake of remaining anonymous as possible. She is the one person who I feel I can tell anything. That night we had some weird experiences such as lights turning on etc.

Well later that night I woke up with a throbbing headache to my friend shaking me. She had scratches. When I asked her what happened she said she'd woken up because her arms hurt.

I do believe in the possibility of spirits but generally I am a skeptic. We both tried to go back to sleep but it was only a few minutes later when we had both heard footsteps. We shared a look and we whispered because it sounded like somebody was in the house, although we had seen absolutely nobody.

We eventually both fell back asleep. Emily woke me up the next morning, freaking out. When I asked her why she was so frazzled she told me that she had woken up and went to the bathroom, when she had come back there was a lamp on me. She said she picked it up. My neck was aching and I asked her to look at it, she said it looked like someone had strangled me. I rushed to the mirror and to my horror confirmed her description.

Before this I've gotten headaches when strange things occurred. Is this headache thing some part of my psychic ability?


I know a very good psychic who has suffered migraine headaches for many years.

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