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These pendulum dowsing tips will be the easiest way to kick-start your psychic development. Any pendant which is attached to a chain, necklace, or leather cord such as a wedding ring on the end of a string or chain will get you started. And pendulums make awesome gifts for Psychic Junkies. Others will wear them as a talisman or good luck amulet.

You’ve often thought you’d make a marvelous psychic, if only you knew how to begin. Metaphysical mentors frequently have their protégées start with a pendulum. Not only is this the easiest divination tool to master, but it is also an auspicious way to get your intuitive mojo humming, while at the same time raising your overall vibration.

The nitty-gritty of pendulum dowsing

Working in concert, you can dowse for answers to simple yes or no questions. This is an ideal way to get acquainted. Pendulums are scrying devices which can help facilitate dialogue with higher selves, spirits and/or connections with the spiritual realm.

Connecting with your scrying pendulum

Like many metaphysical tools, some experts say you do not choose a pendulum, it chooses you. Browse your favorite New Age shop and select 5-6 possible pendulums that appeal to you aesthetically. Put them aside.

Once you’re done perusing, pick one up, close your eyes and gently hold it in your closed fist. Do you feel tingles up and down your back? Does a pleasant warmth spread over your body? Keep testing until you find yourself the right one before making the decision to buy.

Psychic Pendulum Dowsing TipsPendulum Dowsing Tips For The Psychic Junkie

Tips For Successful Psychic Pendulum Dowsing

As a rule, psychics use their dominant hand to operate a dowsing pendulum. Sit down and put your elbow on the kitchen table. Hold the hold the pendulum by the clasp of the chain or knot of thread, etc. between your thumb and pointer finger. Position your palm downward. The crystal or pendant should be dangling about six inches to a foot ahead of you.

Now it’s time to chat with your higher self. Simply ask your pendulum out loud which way it will swing to answer a question “yes”.

Next, ask what direction it will move if the answer is “no”. Finally, find out what it will do if it doesn’t know the answer.

It may take a few minutes for your initial experiment to gear up. Just watch, wait, and see whether it will move side to side, in a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise or backward and forward. Take note and learn the responses for future reference.

  • There is no right or wrong way for your 'yes and no' set up.

Personally, I like to have my 'yes' as an up and down / forward backward movement as I can easily relate that to nodding my head for yes. And I like my 'no' to be side to side as I easily relate that to moving my head side to side when saying no. So, I have designed my Pendulum Dowsing Chart accordingly.

To practice using pendulums for dowsing you can download this FREE chart in my Inner CircleTo practice using pendulums for dowsing you can download this FREE chart in my Inner Circle

When you have set your own yes and no, thank the pendulum and it will stop moving. You may call it a day at this point or ask a few easy yes or no questions. For example:

  • Is my name blah, blah?
  • Am I a woman?
  • Do I have two children?
  • Am I a secretary?
  • Do I live in xyz city?

Practice in short increments until you get used to using your pendulum and gain the confidence that it is giving correct answers to your questions.

Then you can continue scrying by asking the more important questions you need information about.

You Will Find Some Helpful Tips In These Frequently Asked Questions About Using A Pendulum For Dowsing

What is a spiritual pendulum?

  • When used for spirit communication it can be called a spiritual pendulum. My free Pendulum Dowsing Chart can also be used in a Ouija Board fashion for following spirit communications.

What does it mean when a pendulum swings back and forth?

  • For me, back and forth means YES. But when you first run your own pendulum experiment to ascertain your yes, no, and thinking, the back and forth directional swing can mean something unique to you.

What is a pendulum reading?

  • When a psychic uses one as a tool in a reading it is called a pendulum reading. To use a pendulum in a reading can be great for finding missing objects or people on a map. One of my psychic friends earned a ten-thousand-dollar commission from a reading where she dowsed for gold on a map for her client. Yes, her client was a miner who then staked a claim and struck gold!

How does the pendulum work?

  • Pendulum dowsing works on a similar principle to applied kinesiology or muscle testing. The very slight and subconscious directional swing provides a signal from your higher self / guides / angels / divine guidance. That very slight movement is amplified when you use your pendulum and makes it easier to see.

How do you hold a pendulum?

  • The pendulum can be held at the top of its short chain gently between your thumb and forefinger. Being in a relaxed state of mind helps enormously.

What is a crystal pendulum used for?

  • Healing with pendulums is often carried out with a Crystal Gemstone Pendant. Chakra cleansing and balancing can be performed with crystal pendants. Some people like to have a healing meditation crystal for each chakra color.
  • For the Crown Chakra make sure to use Clear Quartz
  • For the Third Eye Chakra make sure to use an Amethyst Crystal
  • For the Throat Chakra make sure to use a Blue Quartz Crystal
  • For the Heart Chakra make sure to use a Green Quartz Crystal
  • For the Solar Plexus Chakra make sure to use a Citrine Crystal
  • For the Sacral Chakra make sure to use a Tangerine Quartz Crystal
  • For the Root Chakra make sure to use a Rose Quartz Crystal

How do I use a crystal pendulum?

  • You can use a crystal pendant in the same way as any other dowsing pendulum. It is really down to your own preference. As a twist on this question, you can always use a scrying pendant to choose from different crystals you may want to acquire for different purposes.

What kind of energy does the pendulum have?

  • There is absolutely zero energy in a pendulum. You have the energy. You cause the directional swings with your intuition and subconscious mind.

What causes a pendulum to come to a stop?

  • It is YOU who will cause the directional swings of your pendant to stop! As I mentioned in the earlier question there are no energies or powers in a pendulum. It only moves because you do. It is the same principle as kinesiology. Your body is sub-consciously moving the pendulum. You are tuning into the wisdom of your higher-self when using pendulums for dowsing. So, relax, do not be afraid to move it. Just let it happen and go with the pendulum scrying flow. Start with a natural swing, in a movement that is not your yes or no.

Is using a pendulum for fortune telling accurate?

  • For any kind of psychic accuracy, first calibrate the directional swings for yes and no. Then you always take the very first response, thought, or answer, that comes to mind as the correct answer. If dowsing with a pendulum to make decisions, or for asking questions about your future, is a form of divination you need to know more about click here >

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