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Psychic Dog Vision

by Janet
(Reading, PA, USA)

The Dog Looked Me Right In The Eye

The Dog Looked Me Right In The Eye

I was driving to the grocery store and was traveling down a curvy mountain road. I was going along at a pretty good clip when I suddenly had a flash in my mind; a vision of the road farther ahead and a black dog, possibly a lab, crossing the road.

I was really surprised about it, and was thinking about how I shouldn't ignore things like that. But the very second that I dismissed it as my imagination, it happened again - exactly the same way. A sudden flash of what I would be seeing shortly down the hill, the road curves right, then straightens out and there is a house on the right, and a single building that houses some kind of business on the left, and I saw a large, black dog crossing the road between the two locations.

This time I knew damn well I had better heed this warning - it was too much of a coincidence now. I slowed down, enough to be able to avoid anything if it would suddenly cross in front of me. I rounded the right curve and saw the straight section of road up ahead, with the house on the right. As I recognized the area as what was in the vision, a black Labrador came running from the yard of the house on the right and ran right across the road, directly in front of me. Thankfully, I was going slowly enough to avoid hitting the dog; in fact, the dog looked me right in the eye as he crossed in front of my car.

I was stunned that I had a vision and that it had very likely saved my life. I love animals so much that there is no way I would have allowed my car to hit that dog. I would have been going too fast on that road, like I usually do, and I wouldn't have had any time to think or react properly to a dog in my path. I would have ditched it and probably killed myself to avoid hitting it.

It still leaves me in awe when I think about it.

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Oct 27, 2009
Black Dog
by: Anonymous

I was in a restaurant somewhere in Saskatchewan, crossing Canada eastward to Ontario. A large black dog was trotting down the aisle toward me and I stood up and pointed toward the dog and said "Hey look at that!" My friends turned to look but nothing was there. I only looked away for a moment. They thought I was crazy. My skin crawled for several days afterward.

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