Psychic Intuition of Celebrity Deaths

by G. Williams
(Northern California)

Since the age of six or so, I can recall seeing a particular celebrity or famous personality on television and stating out loud or to myself, "How would the death of that person, impact society?" Within the period of two weeks to four months after that thought/statement the particular person would die.

I always found it odd, or maybe even coincidental. But as I have become older, I am starting to believe that I have a psychic intuition of celebrity deaths.

I have also been visited, since the age of 4, by spirits and ghosts. They not only show themselves to me but they speak to me through visions or sensations/feelings, and sometimes even with speech/voices.

One year in mid - late Oct. at the age of 22 or 23, I began having dreams of a soon to become media televised, high profile case of a missing child from Ca. During the course of a weeks time, one of the dreams was of a young girl being tied up in the trunk of an older model car. Gradually my dreams changed/progressed a little bit more. From her being gagged, and later left in a field tied up near bushes left in the dark crying, damp and cold. There were even a time or two that I could somewhat make out the suspects face as if looking into a foggy mirror. It was near the end of that weeks course that during the dreams, I felt as if I were alone, cold, and weighted down, yet I knew people were close by. I told my then boyfriend, "That poor little girl is dead, and they won’t find her until sometime around the holidays." If memory serves me correctly, they arrested a suspect sometime around Thanksgiving. When the media showed his photo on the news, I was speechless and the coldest chill ever, went shrilling up my back! It was the man I saw in the foggy mirror dream! Later on during the investigation and trial, the suspect revealed how he had her tied up in the trunk and the back seat of his car, which did turn out to be an older make model 4 door car. He even stated that he once left her tied up to stakes in a vineyard at night, while he went to get supplies and/or food. Sometime later, approximately near Christmas give or take a few days. The suspect lead the police to the little girl, where they found her lifeless body near the side of a road near where people drive by daily, creating moderate - heavy traffic.

On another occasion, I went with a friend to visit her in-laws. and upon entering the house I felt heaviness within my body yet I felt suspended, like floating. I then felt like I was choking or as if something had a hold of my throat. She asked me what was wrong, and I asked her if someone had died in the house. She went pail as a sheet and replied "Yes, how did you know?" I also asked her if it was a man. And again she answered "Yes". I had to step out of the house, and finally caught my breath and explained to her what I was experiencing. She began to cry, and proceeded to inform me that her brother in-law committed suicide by hanging himself in the converted room area of the garage, just 1 month prior. After being outside for a good ten minutes or so I could feel him pulling me into the house, as if he knew he could use me as a medium and speak on his behalf. I won’t go into detail at this time what was said or asked. But I will tell you this, there was no way I could have known the detailed information of things between him & the family members that I was able to relay.

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