by Ramon
(Daly City Ca. USA)

Dear Friends,

I encountered many readers & psychic in my time.

There a lot of scammers out there. Who just want to get your money.

But, there is one expectation her name is Talia Felix. As, far a person, she is very honest. She is also an author of many books. How often do you meet readers & psychics who are authors at same time?

Her reading was very exact. She started at a very early age at 13 and is very gifted. I was very amazed how accurate she was. At the same time she very honest with you. She prides herself on her honesty and on her customer's satisfaction. She could always pull accurate readings for a person no matter how far from her they were.

She also expanded her divination methods to include playing cards, I Ching, and other techniques.

She has help me so many times. I sometimes think she is God sent.

"There is good and evil that surrounds us everyday
and certain people like Talia that can change things and make a differences."

Thank you - Ramon - (USA)

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