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The Gift

by Carla Muzquiz
(Salt Lake City Utah)

Ever since I can remember I had the ability to sense death around people. I would unconsciously know somehow that someone was about to die usually about 3 months before their death. At first I didn’t really understand what it was at first but I was amazed that I was never wrong. I never told anyone about it for fear they might think I was crazy or evil or something. Then in April 2004 I became unpleasantly aware that I truly had a psychic gift. I remember it clearly we were driving to my dad’s house one night and suddenly I got that unmistakable feeling in my gut & out of no where

I turned to my husband & said "I have a bad feeling that someone in our family is going to die. I don’t know who or when but it’s going to happen soon. My husband Jim said "Why would you say something like that? I told him because it’s a feeling unlike any other that comes from a certain place deep inside me. He said "maybe you’re wrong, maybe it's something else. I looked at him dead on & I said "You know what? I hope to god that I’m wrong this time because unfortunately I have never been wrong & every time I have this feeling it's been 100% accurate. I felt sick to my stomach because I didn’t know who was going to die I just knew it was going to be someone in our family & I felt angry because I always knew who it was every time before but not this time. The feeling got stronger within the next three months but I still couldn’t see who it was. Then around midnight on June 6th 2004 I got this incredible sense that something was wrong it was so overwhelming that it kept me up all night long. I paced back & fourth from my bedroom to the patio & I gazed out the window for hours waiting for something but I didn’t know what for. My husband asked me what I was doing & if I was waiting for someone or something? All I said was, I don’t know. Then at around 6am the phone rang & I already knew before I answered it was my dad he said my brother Charles was dead. I broke down to tears & screamed you see now? I told you these feelings are never wrong. But why couldn’t I have known it would be my brother maybe I could have changed it.

After my brothers death I became so depressed I wanted to die I lost my mother 4 years earlier & I dealt with her death by somehow making myself belive she was in mexico. My parents had a house in mexico & she was gone 6 months out of the year. but I took my little brothers death so much harder. I felt lost & I questioned peoples comforting theories about them going to a better place & being with them again. how do they know that? where do they realy go? do they go to a better place? I wanted answers I needed to know the truth about death.So I pondered for days and days on it all.

As I was going through my brother’s things I found his tarot cards so I took them home. My brother’s girl friend Jenny taught me how to use them. I was amazed how accurate they are & I was hooked so I bought another deck and started doing readings for my friends & they were impressed. One day jenny asked me to do a reading for her & I was a little nervous because she was a lot better at tarot reading than me since she had taught me to read the tarot. I went to her house and I did a reading my own way she was skeptical but went along with it. When I was finished she was quiet & stunned she said "Oh my god you are a freak”. I felt insulted by it & asked why? she said "I got chills all over my body that was the most in depth & accurate reading I have ever had & you even brought up a dream I had last night”. She said I had a gift.

That was when I started to discover my psychic abilities, which have transformed into other more powerful psychic abilities. I have unbelievable remote viewing; I have precognition retro cognition, & clairvoyance. I have the ability to communicate with the dead & I can describe your loved ones by looking at your face & describe in detail what they look like. I talk to my brother & I have helped so many people by answering the same questions I asked about death. I could go on and on with more stories but I will end this for now.

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Mar 06, 2012
by: kitty

I too have this gift. It is a sad gift. The only different is that mine is 2 weeks to 2 months later that they pass. I am also empathic, can see auras, and may be able to see shadow spirits particuarly animals.

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