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The Thought Projection Exercise That Proves Your Power Of Telepathy

What is thought projection?

Thought projection is something you can practice that will prove to you the power that lays dormant in your mind. This exercise was first taught to me in mystery school and the results were amazing to me at the time. Now, of course, it is something that most metaphysically adept people take for granted.

  1. For this experiment take yourself to a busy place like an airport, train station or city park. Anywhere there are a lot of people and they are generally in a heightened emotional state. 
  2. As in any psychic endeavor one needs to relax the mind to the state of Alpha (9.73hz).
  3. Then through one's imagination hold an image of something solid like a log of a tree. About 2 meters long and half a meter thick. See this tree log in your mind’s eye and visualize it on the floor in an area where people are walking. Using thought projection hold this image steady and in one place for up to ten minutes or so.

You will be amazed to see someone lift a foot as if stepping over your thought projections. You may notice a toddler will completely trip over your thought projection. 

Thought Projection Exercise

How do you influence others with thought projection?

You can project your thoughts to another person. The most common example of influencing others with thought projection is the telepathy telephone call scenario. For best results still your mind to the alpha level. Then hold an image in your mind of a person you want to influence. See this person standing with you holding a conversation. Perhaps holding your hands even. Do this thought projection exercise for ten minutes in the morning upon waking and ten minutes at night before going to sleep. How many days did it take to receive your phone call? Let me know in the comments

Your Thoughts About Thought Projection

How to influence others with thought projection.

Thought Projection by Tom (Leeds, W Yorks, UK)
People sometimes react to my thoughts. I hear verbal reactions to thoughts which are sometimes spoken to me but often spoken to someone else. This normally takes place while using drugs but there can be a knock-on effect for several weeks afterwards. It does seem though that most of the thought projection is negative and I don’t know why. Also as a result I seem to be projecting other things. It seems that while projecting thoughts that are picked up, some people seem to know past events from my life and things I have said previously. I am not aware that I am doing it and cannot control it. I believe that I have transmitted a particular thought to many people while I was astral projecting. But I have not learnt to develop or fully understand astral projection or remote viewing. I have managed to do some full astral projection while on drugs but when I try to do it with a clear mind I am only partially there. A colleague at work was looking straight at me recently and although I did not see his mouth move I could swear that he said my name. Was this his thought projection I was picking up? Is there any explanation for this or is it all imagined? I used to think it was an overactive imagination but there have been far too many occurrences to support this theory.

Projecting and OCD by: MJ
I figured out I was projecting around the same time of my first major OCD attack. I got (and am still) so wrapped up in thinking other people can hear my intrusive thoughts, that I’m not fully aware of how I’ve been covering it up. Talk about having the panic button hit! I’m mortified and just want to learn how to hone in this skill because I don’t recognize the person I’m becoming.

Projecting Thoughts by: Anonymous
For some reason people seem to react to my thoughts. I avoided this for a year, then it started again. At first people didn't seem to notice but now they are actually vocalizing things I think. It's scary. How am I supposed to get a job if I have these things floating around in my head? Vulgar thoughts, etc...

Everything is already alright! by: Anonymous
All of what you have mentioned has been happening to me for over a year now, very intensely at times, both scary and blessedly.

How do I stop thought projecting?
A way to stop it is to be less worried, concerned about or over-focused on the process, so that the energies one emanates aren't as "loud". Another realization is that when we are learning how to handle this gift our egos become magnified (positively or, more oftentimes, due to our pathologizyng and spiritually repressive society/culture, negatively), so I have learned that it is important to remind myself that I am not the only one creating this shared reality, but that it is co-created, and so it is important for me to chill, stop being afraid (even when what I "say" is negative or not my own), and become a part of the sociospiritual flow, by not paying excessive/exclusive attention to my thought processes, but also to other's spoken words, body language, reactions.

Recognizing that divinity in others is a beautiful thing, Namasteing. It is important to cooperate and to bring our gift into the light of divine purpose, collective evolution, and to be happy that we are part of this. Also, becoming responsible is important. It starts in our minds, how we choose our thoughts. It's not about repressing or attacking bad thoughts, but about understanding them symbolically and trying to find the deeper meanings. And also focusing more energy on the positive aspects of our projection processes, so that we nurture that positivity more, which can be very blissful, as we also receive positivity in return (instant karma). Part of this responsibility is to understand ourselves as holistic beings, so its good to do cleansing, alternative healing, eat good healthy organic food (less meat is better! embodied energies. plants got good prana. organic always-its medicine). lots of water and plenty of sleep. Turn off TV and learn to focus on positive reactions and responses from others, not on those that bring you down energetically. You and me, all of us, can become more elevated, spiritually higher than we've been. No shame in our pasts, but letting go of illusions so we can enter nirvanic present that always awaits us, for we are part of a universal spiritual united family. Less dualistic thinking (good/bad, black/white, punishment/reward, etc) is better. Learn about native ways, animal spirits or guides, angelic beings, ascended masters, divine assistants. Pray. Meditate. Express yourself creatively and with higher purpose. Love. Peace.

Wow, hello! by: Shea
I'm with you guys! I've tried to accept this weird happening (while begin scared I was descending into insanity) and my life has definitely improved. Do not forget your purpose.

How to... by: Kelly234
Can someone tell me how to master this. I usually end up projecting the negative thoughts and too few of the positive. I want to be able to control it and develop it.

ESP by: Sharri
Reasearch ESP - extra sensory perception  this helped me a lot after a long struggle with this sort of stuff.

Remote Viewing Skills? by: Anonymous
Can you please tell me what remote viewing skills are? I'm experiencing the same thing you've described and would like to be able to have some degree of control over it. Thank you.

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