True Psychic Stories

by Laura
(Scottsdale Az USA)

It's not strange to me. I have predicted pregnancies in all of my family and friends. The most relevant one was a man my husband worked with. I barely knew them. One day I woke up and said to my husband "Todd and his wife are going to have a baby". About a month later my husband had to see Todd for business. They were in his office and my husband said, don't let this scare you but my wife say's you’re going to have a baby. They were, and had not told anyone yet. Needless to say they think I'm scary. I'm used to it though.

I also scared my grown son one day when I told him there was going to be an earthquake. He asked where? I said I didn't know exactly but I thought it would be here close to where we live. It was and it happened just about a week later. Of note: We don't have many earthquakes here that make the news this one did.

I also have had connections with animals. My own dog told me she would be hit by a car the day before it happened. I tried to tell her to stay out of the road mentally and why, but it didn't work. We lost her the next day. We still don't know how she got out of the yard.

At six I knew this woman was a threat to me. I hated her on sight for some reason. I remember telling a little friend of mine that she had to be careful that the woman would take her daddy away. She ended up being my father’s mistress.

I saw my son's face before he was born and also the clothes he would wear. I have saved those clothes for almost 35 years now.

My husband and I went camping and all weekend I kept seeing hospital corridors, my husband had to have emergency surgery on Monday.

Just some of my story's and all are true.

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May 01, 2011
wierd stuff
by: Anonymous

i am only 15 and i have dreamed things that have happend. bad things. the first, a girl who got murderd, i am not going to say the name because of privacy reasons. i seen on the news a few days later and i got it right, to the last detail right. this murder was recent and i'm scared some people might have knowen her so i don't want to give to much away. then there was another, i seen a girl die in a flat fire and again it happend very soon after. then i started having these "dreams" in the day. my head would go light headed and when i closed my eyes and flashing images would come, can't hold on to them for long though coz it hurts. i seen a big greyish book and people facinated around it. a day later my dad told me he seen on the news that some people had dug up an old christian book from century's ago or something, immediatly i asked him what colour it was and he said grey. scary things... that's not the worst though, everyone has always thought me weird, including myself coz i never could remember my life under the age of 9. when i was 13 i started rembering things, horible things i don't want to get into. eg. things i shouldn't have been able to do. i'm scared and i don't know what to do. oh, and for a while now i just have this feeling where i need knives, not to kill, i just feel i need protection from something, but i don't know what. and i also dreamed my own death, which was the worst because i have to go to the place where they find my body every week. im hoping it was just a dream though coz i had it months ago and im still hear. ive also seen ghost sensed bad spirits and i'm totally cracking up. i need to know whats happening to me...

Sep 18, 2009
What's going on with me?
by: Leah

When I was little my great-great aunt who had passed, was close to me, I felt come to me in the hospital and put her hand on mine. Then things didn't really start back up until a very close friend of mine died, and I had a dream he told me he was fine. And the same happened when my grandmother died. Boom boxes go bonkers and cell phones go bad a lot and iPods go bad all the time. There's more little weird stuff, but am I just reading too much into these things, or is something really going on with me?

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